Stainless Steel or Plastic?

Decisions! Decisions! Decide! 4-H

Define the Decision.

When my dad and I had got our dog, she needed new things as a dog bowl. We decided to go to Petsmart to get the dog bowl. We entered Petsmart and went to the isle with dog bowls. There were dog bowls lined up both left and right in the isle. There were many various types made in different materials. We narrowed the choices down to either a plastic dog bowl or a stainless steel dog bowl set.

Estimate the Resources Available.

The resources available to us were our money to buy, our way of transportation, the employee’s opinion of the bowls, the Petsmart store that we went to, and our knowledge about the two types of dog bowls. Money is obviously needed because without it we wouldn’t be able to buy anything, our way of transportation was my dad’s car, the employees see people buy dog bowls and supplies all the time and should be able to have some preference or opinion of the dog bowls, our knowledge is important because we may already know information about the product or have some experience with the product, and the store is a major resource since we wouldn’t be able to buy anything if the store wasn’t there. There are resources everywhere that I didn’t know about. Also whether you are trying to or not you are always using the resource of money when deciding on what product to buy.

Consider the Alternatives.

The alternatives of the situation are to buy either a plastic dog bowl or the stainless steel dog bowl.

Information Gather.

The stainless steel bowl came in a set of two, was larger in comparison to the plastic dog bowls, the cost of the stainless steel bowl was $15.99, looked more efficient, and would probably last longer. The plastic dog bowl didn’t come in a set, the cost of the plastic dog bowl was $5.99, and the plastic dog bowl came in various designs. Both the plastic dog bowl and the stainless steel dog bowl had different brand and popularity.


After defining the decision, estimating the resources available, considering the alternatives, and reviewing the information we decided to buy the stainless steel dog bowl. The stainless steel dog bowl seemed sturdier and would last for a while. Also the since the stainless steel dog bowl was in a set it would be easier to keep together than the plastic dog bowls would have been.

Evaluate the Decision.

I believe that buying the stainless steel dog bowl was the right decision to have made. The stainless steel dog bowl is efficient, will last longer, and looks nice. If I were to buy another dog bowl I would probably buy another stainless steel dog bowl. Using the 6-Step Decision Making process is a very helpful process in making a decision.