Antonio Vivaldi

!678-1741 By: Connor O.

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Vivaldi's Early Life

Vivaldi was born on March 4th,1678 in Venice, Italy. Antonio's main teacher was probably his father, Giovanni Battista he played the violin at San Macro Basilica. Antonio made his fist public appearance playing alongside his father. He was he oldest child and he trained to be a priest and became one in 1703. His nickname was the "Red Priest" as he had red hair. Also in 1703 he was appointed violin master at the Hospital of Mercy.
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Map of Venice 16th century

This is a map of Venice that was made around Vivaldi's time. Vivaldi was born here and spent most of his younger years here in Venice Italy. I chose this map as it represented Venice in an older and simpler time where Vivaldi grew up in. He did not die here he died in 1741 in Vienna Austria at the age of 63 years old. But at the zenith of his career in 1720 he traveled very often to all over Europe.
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Vivaldi's Music

Vivaldi composed many great pieces of music but his most popular piece was the Four Seasons. Vivaldi had 4 separate pieces within the set they were Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Within those pieces there were four movements so in total the Four Seasons had 16 small pieces. Vivaldi made each one with a particular tone or mood set to match how he feels about these different Seasons. For example, Spring has a cheery and upbeat tone while summer has an aggressive and loud tone. Vivaldi's pieces were remembered and still listened to today by many people.

Other Known Music

La constanza trionfante

Gloria e Imeneo


il Grand Mogul


Antonio's Legacy

Antonio was a great composer as well as violinist in his time. He was a very talented musician that has many original pieces that he made. He also overcame challenges like asthma and cultural barriers like discrimination towards girls. He rebelled by coordinating performances. The girls were being covered in cloth so that you can't tell who they are but only that they are girls. Vivaldi has not only composed for very important and famous people but has defied his own culture's barriers.

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