Detroit, Michigan

By: Keiran Boerema

Place - What is it like in Detoit?

In Detroit you will find many unique stores and restraunts. You can chose to walk through the shops or even visit the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. It has the big city feel, being the most populated city in Michigan, and you will see many skyscrapers. The people of Detroit may not be the richest, but it can't take away the great vibe of the city.

Location - Where is Detroit located?

Detroit is located in southeastern Michigan, and found at ecaxctly 83 Degrees North and 42 Degrees west. A funny thing is, the city of Detroit is actually North of Canada!

Movement - Why do people move to and from Detroit?

There are many push and pull factors of Detroit. Some reasons people gravitate to Detroit is for its city feel which some prefer and it has many jobs available, especially in the car industries. Some possible reasons people might move from detroit are residental property tax rates,and the increasing crimes in the urban areas.

Region - How is Detroit similiar to other cities around it?

To this day Detriot is like most big cities in america with some of its populations sufferinng from poverty. It is also a big manufacturing city with most of it being in car essebly. It has cold winters and hot summers like most other cities in Michigan although it is big.

Human/Environment Interaction - How do the people in Detroit interact with the world around them?

People have changed Detroit the most by cutting down trees and paving roads and building sktscrapers. People in Detroit has also adapted to the waether wearing what fits the season, winter coat for winter and t-shirts for summer.