Moment in Time

Class of 2016

With Graduation just around the corner, let the finals begin!

The 8th grade social studies culmination activity is a Moment in Time.

All are welcome!

8th Grade Moment in Time

Tuesday, May 31st, 8:15am-3pm

In the Center

Each 8th grade student will be performing a 3-5 minute speech. The topic or theme was chosen by the student and is based on the task that each student is looking at one moment in time as if they were there and experiencing it as an eye witness. Thus this project stems from the premise of "what is, what was, what will be" with a major component being research. The last piece of "will be" begins by stretching each students imagination to think about a new or unique outcome that has not yet been determined. The "will be" is completely up to each one of them to create and explain as it has yet to be written.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Students have been put into groups based on chronology so you can visit and see your child in action.

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Lunch will be under the oak! You may order hot lunch or bring your lunch.

Don't forget the camera!

Each student will be dressed in a "costume" of sorts to help give their eye witness account even more character and believability. The goal is to create an experience and really take the audience back in time. We will bear witness to history.