By Gary Ellis Gannaway Jr


An Earthship is a type of passive solar house that is made of both natural and recycled materials

Materials needed!

Earthship construction uses indigenous materials and materials that are easily accessible to the common person.

  • belted
  • rubber
  • glass
  • plastic bottles
  • aluminum cans


First Earthship built in Belgium

Now founds thoughout the US and Canada, Europe, Africa, and South America

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Special Skills/ Training


A Canadian married couple in their forties built their own Earthship, completely by themselves in 3 months.

you need a building permit though!

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Basic Steps

  • Obtain land
  • buy design
  • secure permit, schedule time
  • build foundation
  • build walls
  • Establish utilities
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  • Sustainable
  • Outfitted with greenhouses
  • water recycling
  • Eco energy
  • cheap and easy to built
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  • Potential heating/cooling issues
  • Getting a permit, financing, and reselling can be difficult
  • Labor