The followers are called Jews

By: Black 5

Jewish Beliefs

Jews believe in one God, who they worship. The common figure for the Jews is named Abraham. They show that their God is real in many different ways. For example, they pray, they the Study Torah, follow God's laws, including the ten commandments, they also consider all people equal.

Sacraments and Traditions

All religions have sacraments and traditions to worship and show their faith. In Judaism they have a few sacraments and traditions. First off, some Jews only eat Kosher foods, this includes pork, shellfish, and mixed milk and meat products. Secondly, in their worship centers for kids that are 12 or 13 must become a Bar Mirzvah or Bat Mirzvah. These two positions are separated by gender, girls are Bats, boys are Bars. Bars and Bats have adult responsibilities in the worship center.


I bet your now thinking, what is a synagogue? Well a synagogue is a worship center. This is the most common place for prayer. At a synagogue the rabbis reads from Torah rolls which is the holy scriptures in Judaism. A rabbis is the teacher and the guide at a synagogue. Here is what happens at a synagogue, you walk in and the rabbis leads you to your seat. You take a sit down. Next the rabbis says prayers and reads from the Torah rolls. You soon leave after the rabbis commands you.


The Jews have lots of holidays. First off, every new year, fasting starts. Fasting is when people don't eat at all or eat very little. In this case it is very little. This celebration is called Rosh Hashanal. Secondly, Yom Kipper ends Rosh Hashabal with a big celebration. The next holiday is called the Passover. In this holiday Jews believe the angel of death "passed over" Hebrews who were slaves in Egypt. Last but not least, the most known holiday in Judaism, is... you guessed it! Hanukkah! Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil lasting 8 days when there was only enough for 1 day in a temple. They light candles to show these days.

Common Holy Place

In Jerusalem Jews have a important wall called the Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall. At the Western Wall Jews pray to God. This wall is important in their religion because there is a temple and they are only aloud to worship at the Western Wall, which is connected to a very holy temple in Judaism. They may only pray at the Western Wall because the Muslims took the other side over.

Related Religions

Judaism is related to two other religions, Christianity, and Islam. Each of these three religions have two things in common with one another. All three religions do not worship, but rather believe in Abraham. Another thing they have common with one another is, they all fall under the category of being monotheists. Monotheists means in their religion they worship one God.