My Teen Culture


The only language i currently speak is English, but I'm learning Simplified French and would like to learn Simplified Chinese in upcoming years.


The traditions I celebrate are Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Canada Day, sometimes July 4th, New Years, etc.

My favourite holiday,tradition is Canada Day.


When I Come Around - Green Day (LYRICS)

'Smells Like Teen Spirt'

Why I Picked These Artifacts;

I picked these artifacts because I felt each of them were important to me. I picked music/bands and books because theyre an escape for me when I am upset or wanting to be alone. Frappuccinos and McDonald's because they are yummy, and last of all friends/family Im not sure if this is really an artifact but to me they are the most important to me although, Im not very close with much of my family and don't have many friends, Im happy with the ones i have. ☺