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Watch2Gether - watch YouTube and other videos and host live text chats about them at the same time. Select a video. Open a room and paste the link. Invite your students to watch and comment in sync.
Watch2Gether is a free service and requires no registration.

Free Technology for Teachers: Watch2Gether - Watch and Discuss ...

Watch2Gether Adds Support for Comment Moderation and Additional Video Sources


VideoNotes in Google Drive

"VideoNotes is a neat new tool for taking notes while watching videos. VideoNotes allows you to load any YouTube video on the left side of your screen and on the right side of the screen VideoNotes gives you a notepad to type on. VideoNotes integrates with your Google Drive account. By integrating with Google Drive VideoNotes allows you to share your notes and collaborate on your notes just as you can do with a Google Document." - includes link to tutorial video and YouTube: Watching videos with a purpose


- a new way to collect, organize and watch videos you find on YouTube and Vimeo. Stream an entire collection of videos without any interruption from commercials. Embed your video collections on your blog or website.

Free Tech 4 Teachers - Huzzaz

Free Tech - Embed Huzzaz Galleries

From Carla's collection:

New from Huzzaz: Do you ever hear or see something from the past that instantly transports you back in time? Or have you ever wondered what people used to listen to back in the day?

Well, we just launched a new music video site that has a Throwback Machine!

Pick a year and instantly play the top 100 songs from that year.

ViewPure for Distraction-free Viewing of YouTube Videos

ViewPure allows you to watch videos without distracting sidebars and to show videos to class without risk of displays of "related" content. Now with helpful search tools.
Article from Free Technology for Teachers.


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Video in the Classroom - from edtechteacher. Includes Video in the Classroom, Video Curriculum, Video Recording, Video File Formats, Video Sharing Sites, How to Integrate Video, Video Project Concepts & Ideas

Vimeo Newsletter - at this year's SXSW they announced a new discovery destination, curated collections of independent films.

Wall of Films - Social Change Documentaries (some dead links);

Hitting a Wall of Films (documentaries for inspiring thought and action)

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SOC 2014 - The Motion Picture Camera: Past, Present and Future
The History of the Movie Camera in 4 Minutes: From the Lumiere Brothers to Google Glass in Film | March 18th, 2014 Leave a Comment

For their annual Lifetime Achievement Awards, the folks over at the Society of Camera Operators put together a lovely, surprisingly rousing video about the evolution of the movie camera over the course of the past century or so of cinema. And, as you can see above, it has changed quite a bit.