English I Pre-AP October Update

Parent Survey, Lesson Plans, Student Work Examples, & more!

Parent Survey

Please take a moment to complete this parent survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

2nd Nine-Weeks Lesson Plans

Please use this tentative schedule to help your student stay up to date. All assignments and notes are posted for students on Google Classroom, and printable versions are available at: http://hickmanenglish.weebly.com/assignmentsnoteshw.html

Coming Soon: Unit 2

Students are beginning Unit 2 of our curriculum this week: "Coming of Age in Style". This unit delves into the idea of how authors and directors use specific techniques to achieve a desired effect, and what the essential features of an effective style analysis are. Students will:
  • Identify important cinematic techniques and analyze their effects

  • Transform a text into a new genre

  • Identify specific elements of an author’s style

  • Develop an awareness of reading strategies to enhance comprehension

  • Analyze the elements of fiction–setting, plot, character, theme–and the steps in plot development– exposition, complications, climax, falling action, resolution (denouement)

In their next assessment, to demonstrate their mastery of these skills, students will create a storyboard, transforming a scene from their independent reading novel into a visual depiction. They will also explain how they used/would use cinematic elements to enhance their story. To the right is the rubric for this assignment, the first test grade of the 2nd Nine Weeks.


A wonderful aspect of my being in the Standards Based Grading Cohort at CHHS is that students are able to reassess for any standard in which they feel they did not demonstrate their mastery at any time throughout the year. I emphasized this again to all students in class this week and went through the steps on what they will need to do to reassess. I would appreciate anything parents can do encourage students to take the time to do so this week or next. They will need to fill out a reassessment request form, get it signed, come to a tutorial with me, then complete the necessary reassessment on their own.


Please help me in encouraging students to be self-advocates of their needs. This is an essential skill that needs to be developed for them to be successful as they grow towards the Portrait of a Graduate. You can do this by encouraging them to keep a planner, being proactive by attending tutorials if they are struggling in an area, keeping up with homework assignments, having them email me with any questions/concerns they have, and if they are going to be absent, encouraging them to contact me in advance to get the work they will miss. I appreciate your support on this!

Tutorial Schedule

As a reminder, my tutorial schedule is as follows...

• 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. on Tuesdays
• 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays
• 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. on Thursdays
• Other times available by appointment
Please have students contact me via email to schedule a tutorial.

Donations to the Classroom

If you would ever like to donate items to our classroom, I would always appreciate the following:

- Box of tissues

- Hand Sanitizer
- Highlighters

- Pencils
- Index Cards (any size)

- Sanitizing Hand Wipes
- Young Adult Novels: I would love any used or new young adult books to add to our classroom library (great Christmas or teacher appreciation gift ideas from students)!

Interview Narrative

Students recently completed an essay in which they interviewed someone who had graduated high school about their coming of age experiences. That assignment assessed the skills reflected in the rubric to the right. Check out these awesome exemplary student essays below!

*Names and personal information have been changed to protect students' and interviewees' privacy*

Interview Narrative Assessment: Student Exemplary Essays

Advertising Campaign Assessment: Student Exemplary Ads

Over the last few weeks, students have been learning about advertising techniques, rhetorical appeals, and analyzing their use in media. They have been applying their learning by creating an advertising campaign of their own, marketing their Summer Reading Novels to teenagers. Students created campaigns that included commercials, digital posters, social media marketing accounts, promotional websites, and so much more. Here are a few of the finished results! To the right is also the rubric for this project.

"Ender's Game"

This is a movie trailer that was created to advertise the book "Ender's Game".

Pictures from CHHS this month


Feel free to email Ms. Hickman at haley.hickman@gcisd.net