Should the gardains be banished

I think the guardians should be "kicked out" because one, the punishment would stop, second Ben would be "Freed", lastly there will be some conflict.


The gardins would be stopped. That would mean the punishment would stop too. So that would mean that (like) ben would be treated better. Yes yes yes there will be bully loners but we will get to them in a sec.


As you should ben was going to move schools because of the guardians, not acceptable. If elliot would say somthing about the guardians he would stay, acceptable. He would not. Be punished by the guardians because there not there.

Bully loners

Yes there will be your normal school bully. Though Though with a little help they can be "kicked out" If they come again then just leave them alone. plus they are not orginsed like the guardians.
So that is why elliot should say something to someone. If that happens then the punishments will stop, because there not there. Ben would hopefully stay, because he was going to leave because of the guardians but he might have already moved. Then lastly the bully "loners", I call them that because they are not organized like the guardians. So what side will you chose?