My Big Brother Updates

Vol. 01 Issue 04

David Girton Is Evicted

David was the first house guest to be evicted on Wednesday. Read more about it below.

Big Brother evicted David Girton during Wednesday night's broadcast of the fifteenth season's first live eviction show.

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News & Updates

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Houseguests are watching fireworks on the TV in the living room.

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Recent Events In The House

In comparison to recent events, it wouldn’t take much to be considered a likable houseguest. Apparently that was too much of a challenge for HG Jeremy McGuire.

Last night on the Live Feeds, Jeremy closed out an inspirational speech for David, one of this week’s nominees, by scooping up a hat belonging to another nominee, Elissa Slater, and rubbing it down his butt crack. First we had #Hatgate, then we had #Hategate, and now we have #Asshat (or #Hatgate2 if you prefer the mundane).

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New HOH for week 2

Aaryn Gries came on Big Brother 15 with the hopes of finding a path to stardom but her recent actions in the house have put her on the reverse course in the fast lane.

The 22 year-old college student out of San Marcos, Texas grabbed national headlines when she, along with several other HGs, made a string of racially insensitive and homophobic comments against her fellow competitors over the course of several days on the CBS reality series’ Live Feeds show uncensored live events between episodes.

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New HOH of Week 2