Student Voice and Choice

Strategies to Implement More Choice in Your Lessons

Planning for 90 Minutes Can Be Overwhelming!

The first rule of thumb to learn as a new teacher is how to manage your instructional time. It is not realistic to think you can lecture for 90 minutes of class all day, every day-- nor does anyone want to do that. We want our students to be ACTIVE in their learning and PARTICIPATORY in class activities. Therefore, we as teachers need to incorporate student voice and choice into our lessons.

This week's BTNT lesson will focus on how you can do just that. Our lesson takes you into the classroom's of Ms. Smith and Ms. Agar's English classes, Mr, Kelley's history class, and Ms. Carmendy's math class. Each teacher has his or her own style in how they integrate student voice and choice.

Explore this lesson to see what elements you can incorporate into your own lessons and classes.

Not All Students Learn in the Same Way

Teaching is not a "one size fits all" approach. Before you can begin to create your lesson plans, you have to know the audience in your classroom. Explore Gardner's 9 Types of Intelligence and then consider giving your students an interest inventory like the one below to gage the types of learners in your class. Doing this will give you vital information as a teacher in terms of what types of choices to provide and even how to group your students.

For a more detailed description of the 9 Types of Intelligence clicker here.

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A Virtual Trip into the novel "Real Time" with Ms. Agar and Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith and Ms. Agar: Virtual Fieldtrip to English 10

Creating time capsules in American History with Mr. Kelley--"What Would You Include?"

Mr. Kelley: Virtual Fieldtrip to American History
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Virtual Field Trip to Ms. Carmendy's Math Class: "Using Tic-Tac-Toe to Review"

A Visit to Ms. Carmendy's Math Class

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