SAS 5th Grade News April 11

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The Catholic Christian Community of St. Anthony of Padua welcomes all to our celebration of God's love. Through prayer, education, sacraments, caring and stewardship, we strive to serve the needs of God's people and to gain a richer understanding of the gospel message of love.

In the Classroom This Week:


Students have begun reading the chapter on Holy Week. On Wednesday, 8th grade will be presenting the Stations of the Cross live. It will begin at 1:15 in the Community Center.

Language Arts

Students are continuing their Daily Language review of grammar concepts, literary devices, and research sources.

This week we will be focusing on the linking verb. Students will have to identify the linking verb. They will also write a short story using linking verbs in their writings.

Students will take a Spelling Review Test on Thursday. It will consist of 40 words that come from chapters 1-14. There will be a Unit 15 pretest on Monday, April 24 when we return from Easter Break.


Students are working on Chapter 15- Classifying Plane Figures. Students will be able to understand that attributes belonging to a category of two-dimensional figures also belong to all subcategories of the category.

There will not be a math quiz this week.

Please keep encouraging students to play Mathletics at home when extra homework time is available. Playing educational games is a great way to help students retain information.


This week we will be comparing the density of solids and liquids. We will use the mass and volume to calculate the density of objects.

Social Studies

Students have begun assembling their trifolds in class yesterday. They are already beginning to look great. This project is due by Wednesday, April 26th.

Students also added the southwest region to their maps to begin studying. The next test will be Wednesday, April 26th.

5th graders are learning the locations and capitals of all 50 states!

All 5th graders are expected to learn the location of each of the 50 states, as well as the capital of each state. Students will focus on small sections of the United States for two-week periods to learn the states and capitals in smaller chunks. We will map out each region together in class so students have a study guide.

The testing outline is listed below:

Students added the Southeast region to their maps on Monday, April 10 and will test on all four regions on Wednesday, April 26.

Students will add the fifth and final region, the Northeast, to their maps on Monday, May 1. Students will then test on all 50 states and capitals on Thursday, May 11.

Cat Haven field trip permission slips need to be returned by Thursday, April 20.

Cat Haven permission slips went home today with the students. Please return it by Thursday, April 20 (before Easter Break) so that we can make groups accordingly.


Schedule Reminders

No Homework Club this week.

Wednesday, April 12: 1:15 Living Stations of the Cross presented by 8th grade at 1:15 in the Community Center. Please note time change.

Thursday, April 13: 9:15 Prayer Service in the Church presented by 3rd grade. Students will also be dismissed at 12:30. There will not be Campus Care after school.

Friday, April 14- Sunday, April 23: Easter Break.

Wednesday, April 26: States trifold due and Southwest regions test.

Thursday, April 27: Cat Haven field trip.