Student Exchange Program by Kayla

Watch Out For! -Traditons and Etiquette.

Relationships between family and close family friends are important here. God parenting is normal.

Social networks help make a person successful, and is important to a persons professional life.

Be respectful and polite to everyone!

Don't call someone by their first name! It's reserved for people that are closer to you in this country.

Dress codes vary from casual to formal and conservative depending on where you are.

It's really disrespectful to degrade and interfere politically with this country . Very important rule!

Financial problems shouldn't be talked about, unless with close acquaintances.

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The People You Will Meet!- People

Home to about 108 millions people!

Largest speaking Spanish country in the world! Although diverse in other languages.

Mostly Roman Catholic religion but varies with Catholicism.

Experience a holiday! The Days of The Dead is a religious holiday that is similar to Memorial Day in the U.S.

Letter Grade.- C

This country seems to have similar enough food to the U.S, so hopefully you don't have to worry about what you're digesting. Precipitation is a problem here. The people here seem to be kind and family is important here, so some values are similar. God parenting may be something unfamiliar although not rare in the U.S. Communication with others is important. Be careful when calling some by their first name, and talking about financial problems. Overall this country seems rather similar but has its differences.

Natural Rescources.

Silver is a common natural resource.

Coffee is a major export and sugarcane is popular. Bananas, pineapples, and mangos are food in the country. Corn, beans and rice are foods that The U.S also knows.

Dry place, not a lot of precipitation.

Fun Facts !

Two-thirds of the country was covered in forest in the 16th country.

Variety of marine resources.

Different from other Latin American countries by cultural diversity.

Largest Spanish speaking country in the world.