Most Dangerous Places In The World

Earthquake and Volcano Activity

There is much beauty in these places, however some are destroyed by earthquakes and volcanoes. These can be experienced just about anywhere and cause massive chaos and destruction. They are caused by the tectonic plates. This article focuses on four of the most dangerous countries and cities in the world, thanks to earthquakes and volcanoes.



The city of Tokyo is a very interesting place. This place has a magnificent scenic view from all the architecture in the city. The interesting thing is there buildings. The buildings are different from the shape they have. Since Tokyo is so big they have very good transportation system like trains, cabs, and so on. From all this nonsense that is why it is a good place to live.

Tectonic Plates

In this area there are still problems with tectonic plates. Tokyo has a convergent plate when there is a convergent plate two of the plates collide witch can do a lot of dame. Then when to much stress is on the ground from them colliding an earthquake can happen. Some of the earthquakes can destroy cities and some you don’t feel. That is what the tectonic plate can do.


This is a dangerous place for tectonic plates. The city is sitting on a convergent plate. By being on a convergent plate you can have earthquakes that can damage many things. When there is an earthquake no one knows in advance to evacuate. From the tectonic plates this can be a dangerous place to live.


Positioned in Southwestern Asia is the Cultural country of Iran, home to just over 75 million people. It’s ranked the eighteenth largest country in the world thanks to it’s 636,372 square miles. Iran is bordered by several countries, including Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey. Iranian people are known for being kind, friendly, helpful people. Iran has destinations that can accommodate everyone. There are beaches to swim in, mountains to ski and hike, history to discover, and cities to go sightseeing in.

Tectonic Plates

Iran is partly bordered by the Arabian plate and the Indo-Australian plate, and sits on the Eurasian plate. This is a convergent boundary because the Arabian plate is sub ducting beneath the Eurasian plate. Tectonic plates, which are constantly moving, cause Iran to experience earthquakes. Most of these, however, aren’t felt by humans. These are picked up by seismic graphs designed to detect an earthquake, no matter how faint. Iran also has volcanoes and although they aren’t massive, they can still be threatening.

Danger and Destruction

Earthquakes and volcanoes can have deadly effects on the places they inhabit and cause harm to any people that call these areas home. The Rudbar-Tarom earthquake was the largest in the century to affect an urban area in Iran. This caused great havoc, killing over 40,000 people. If that wasn’t enough, the earthquake also injured over 60,000 people and left 500,000 others without homes. Close to 100,000 buildings were demolished. The Tabas-e-Golshan earthquake abolished, or greatly damaged about ninety villages. So, Iran’s history of earthquakes has stirred up much devastation in the past years, killing, injuring, destroying homes and buildings, and abolishing various villages.

San Francisco

Xavier- Is life in the windy city worth it? you're about to find out about the ups and downs of San Francisco. You will read about how life is and the things you should watch out for. Example, pick pockets, big problem everywhere, but in a big city, its worse. This article will inform you of why you should live there if you should so desire to.

Secret side

The place the group divided out for me to study was San Francisco, and I learned that it is kind of a hot and cold city. What is meant by that is that San Fran can be a calm and peaceful living environment, with many things and attractions to keep you busy for weeks. On the flip side though, it can be a hot city, with tremors and earthquakes that will level a city. Fires could spread and cause a horrible damage. It is a place that has few earthquakes but when they do strike, they are large and devastating.

Pro's and Con's

But San Fran isn’t all bad, its got two sides to its story. They have a rich history with older buildings, and a great city to live in with little to no pollution in most big areas. Also with the classic railway car that takes you up and down the crazy steep hills and streets is San Fran.

The tectonic plates can have an impact on the life of the people that inhabit this area. These plates create great amounts of danger and destruction. There is still hope of living in these places. Even though these places experience earthquakes and volcanoes, they are still filled with beauty.



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