Robert Anderson

By:Brett Arias


He was born on nov. 5th 1741, Louisville, Kentucky.

He died on jan. 9th 1813.

He was married.

He had no kids.

His Wifes name is mrs. Reese


Robert Anderson was a United States Army officer during the American civil war. To many, he was a hero who defied the Confederacy and upheld Union honor in the first battle of the American Civil War at fort Sumter in April 1861. The Confederates bombarded the fort and forced its surrender to start the war. After Sumter fell, Anderson was promoted to brigadier general and given command of Union forces in Kentucky, but was removed late in 1861 and reassigned to Rhode Island, before retiring from military service in 1863.

Famous quots.

"I expect we will become more demanding as citizens"

"we can make a killing but not a living"

“I wouldn't have touched that loan with a 50-foot pole. Common sense tells you that.”