Mobile Phone Features

By Jonathan Russell


GPS stands for global positioning system. Using satellites it tracks your position and can tell you where you are currently and give you a map of the local area.


Near Field Communication or NFC is used in smartphones using radio communications to transfer data between the two phones so to share contacts or even recently to pay for things with barclaycard in new phones. It has been used in oyster cards as well but is quite weak in the security department as someone can walk close to you on the tube for instance and steal your details.

Screen Size

Screen size is generally the bigger the better in terms of resolution certainly, though a smaller screen might be better for convenience. Generally a bigger screen will use more battery but will be better for movies etc. A smaller screen will be less useful for these tasks but will save on battery usage.


Bluetooth is a short range data transfer system which is wireless and often used to transfer images and songs between people using short length radio-wave transmissions by creating an personal area network.


Wi-Fi is a wireless internet connection system provided by a router or modem that allows your phone to connect to the internet. It's not advised to leave your Wi-Fi searching on on your phone as it consumes battery at a large rate because it will constantly search for a new Wi-Fi network to connect to. Also people can set up a network for people to connect to then log their keystrokes and steal their details.


Bands is a the frequency used by a country, for your phone to work in your country you only need a single band, but different countries use different bands, so if you want to connect to one you need a dual band phone for some but not most, most countries will be available via a tri-band phone, however, if you want a connection in all countries then you need a quad-band phone.

External Storage

external storage such as a Micro SD card or a USB thumb stick are used for extra storage or to back up your files so you have an extra copy. It can also be used to transfer data from one device to another maybe a new phone or your friends phone.