Spring 3rd Grade PEAK Newsletter

March 2016

Top 5 Noteworthy Reminders

1. BIG NEWS: Our primary PEAK Open House will be held Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at Alexander Doniphan. We are still working on the specific format, but it is sure to be a night you won't forget! The kids are so excited to show all that they've learned!

2. Please be on the look out for a tri-fold the next time you are at the store. Any size or color will do, although colored tri-folds are a little more aesthetically appealing. We will be using these for Open House in May. Thanks!

3. Be aware that with spring standardized tests approaching, there is a chance we will need to accommodate this schedule by canceling PEAK one day. I will let you know more details later.


In theme, we are working hard on writing a conclusion for our country writing piece. In addition, I am stressing sentence structure, transition words, and unique word choice within their writing. I'm so proud of the kids for all of their hard work! These country writing projects are really coming together! Next week, we will be talking about creating an "artifact" to represent our country. More information to come!


This month we've been working on our switch write-up for Open House. Students are writing about their hypothesis, conclusion, and general process in a summary. It's fun seeing all their hard work coming together!

Team Challenge

The kids always get so excited about our Team Challenges in PEAK. Today (Friday class) and next week (Wednesday class), we started out the day with a task to complete a marble maze in 7 minutes. This maze would allow 10 marbles to roll from the table to the bucket in 1 minute. They could not throw or toss any marbles and only had certain materials that were allowed in construction. So exciting to watch the kids' competitive side come out! Even though these challenges are lots of fun, the team building skills that are addressed within each are equally valuable.