Perfect Lunch

Lunch for WCHS and WCHS-9

Reason for creation

We made a perfect lunch that would satisfy the needs and wants of students at WCHS. Our group took studies to find out what kids would like eating, and what they need to have the right amount of nutrition and Calories so they have enough energy for the day

The Lunch

Our Lunch

  • Chicken tenders
  1. Contains all four macromolecules
  2. Has good amount of Calories
  3. who doesnt love chicken
  • Fries
  1. Contains lipids and carbohydrates
  2. contains starch
  3. everyone loves fries
  • Salad & Ranch
  1. contains carbohydrates
  2. its healthy for you
  3. also very delicious
  • Banana
  1. contains proteins and nucleic acids
  2. gives you every for the day
  • Water
  1. contains none of the macromolecules
  2. very refreshing

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BY Renee Guzman and Spencer Hubler aka "the coolest person ever"