Library Media Monthly Report

February 2014

Library Media Center Staff

Administrative Media Specialist - Melissa House

Itinerant Media Specialist - Substitute Domenica Simpson

Media Technician - Cindy Stiemly


Classes Scheduled in the Media Center: 92

Lessons, direct instruction or support by LMS:

Melissa: 42

Itinerant Substitute: 50

Individual Students: 96

Amount of periods the Media Center was closed and why: 1 for Jump Rope for Heart Coverage and 1 for no heat at school.

Monthly Circulation Stats:

Loans: 2575

Renewals: 178
Holds: 99

Administrative Duties

  • Monitored the book fair which took place during library time for one week. Facilitated check out, book buying and wish lists for students. PTA ran the book fair and collected the funds.

  • Volunteered for reading night at school, monitored the library and book fair from 5:00 to 7:30 PM.

  • Met with PTA president and PTA members to discuss upcoming book fair, happening at the end of February.

  • Met with Assistant Principal to discuss Special Area concerns as SIT representative.

  • Birthday Book Club - Continues to be a success with additional funds donated to the school library.

  • Collaborated with 2nd grade teachers to discuss upcoming units, 4th grade to see where we can collaborate on research, and school counselor on upcoming Career Day and 5th grade research project.

  • Continued weeding the 900's.

  • Read School Library Journal and Instructor Magazine.

  • Completed and turned in P-Card report for review.

  • Met with mentor teacher Deb Geppi each week to discuss lesson plans, assessments, and student behavior.

  • Participated in book character day - dressed up as Ms. Frizzle!

Technician Duties

  • Processed materials including Birthday Book Club books and large Follett order.

  • Worked on updating spine labels to new author last name specifications, as well as changing signage in the Everybody section.

  • Began weeding Fiction section.

  • Began lexile project in fiction section, adding lexile levels to all books.

  • Updated the library "Catch of the Day" display each week with a new topic.

  • On A weeks, picks up first grade class from specials and dissmisses them from school to provide coverage for classroom teacher.

  • Updated seasonal displays.

  • Assisted with book fair.

Lessons Taught


  • Wellness Week 4 - Body Parts
  • Wellness Healthy Extension
  • Construction Week 1

First Grade

  • Old Favorites Week 1 - What is Copyright?
  • Old Favorites Week 2 - Setting and The Little House
  • Old Favorites Week 3 - BME with Blueberries for Sal

Second Grade

  • Caldecott - Drawing
  • Caldecott - Unit Assessment
  • Reading Road Trip Week 1 - Fantasy

Third Grade

  • Fairy Tales Week 1 - Introduction to the Genre
  • Fairy Tales Week 2 - Reading for characteristics
  • Fairy Tales Week 3 - Reading for characteristics

Fourth Grade

  • Research Materials - Note taking

Fifth Grade

  • Research Materials - Note taking