The Air-Sea Connection

how are the ocean and atmosphere connected?

The Ocean and Atmosphere

The action of winds blowing over the ocean surface creates waves and the great current systems of the oceans.When winds are strong enough to produce spray and whitecaps, tiny droplets of ocean water are thrown up into the atmosphere where some evaporate, leaving microscopic grains of salt buoyed by the turbulence of the air.

Well where does the water go?

When water evaporates, heat is removed from the oceans and stored in the atmosphere by the molecules of water vapor. When condensation occurs, this stored heat is released to the atmosphere to develop the mechanical energy of its motion. The atmosphere obtains nearly half of its energy for circulation from the condensation of evaporated ocean water.

What would happen if earths atmosphere suddenly change?

If it suddenly heats up then we will see all our glaciers melt and we will lose all cities on coasts around the world. Whereas if it suddenly cools then we could plunge in to another ice age. A time when even the equator was covered in ice.