Treatments for Autism

Know how kids with Autism can be treated and controlled

Treatments for Autism

The different treatments for Autism is that it cannot be cured but it can help some people.

  • Education and Behavior
Some people with Autism can grow smart and be kindhearted.

  • Early Interventions
Services can help children that are 3 years old and they could learn important skills. Scientific studies have demonstrated that early intensive could help autistic kids.

  • Medication
There are no medication that can cure ASD or treat the main symptoms but can be controlled in a matter of time.

  • Other therapies

each child or adult with autism is unique and, so, each autism intervention plan should be tailored specific needs.

  • important information

always treat your child with care and work hard to get them to have a better life

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this is a picture from goggle it is also a quote by Thomas Alva Edison which is talking about autism.
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this is a autistic kid who is finger painting
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This is a book about an autistic kid named David. This book is the book that we are reading and it is by Cynthia Lord