Free Verse Poetry


I wake up

in my comfy bed,

my sister's alarm

waking me again.

My bed is a mess

like every other morning.

I get out of bed,

attempt to get into my uniform,

and only just get it on.

I go back to my bed

wishing I could

lie in it again

but instead

I halfheartedly make it.

I did a terrible job

and am scared to touch it

as it might fall apart again.

I drag myself

to the kitchen,

make brekkie

and then stuff it down

my mouth-hole.

Next, I limp over

to the fridge

and the freezer,

I get the bread, butter, cheese and roast beef slices.

I open up the butter,

starting to wake up

and stare at a potential crime scene.

Huon, my brother,

thirteen years of age,

has massacred the butter again.

He thinks

that when he

attacks the butter

with a butter knife,

it makes it softer.

It probably does,

but why?

After peppering Huon

with questions

about why he kills the butter,

I just make my sandwich

and pack my lunchbox.

Suddenly, I remember that

Dad forgot to sign

the Game Training note...


I try to call him

but the phone is mucking up.

I message Mum

to message Dad

about the Game Training note

and about the massacre on the butter.

I fill up my drink bottle

and do my personal check

to see I have everything

I need for school.

I then lock the door behind me

and Sequoia,

my nine year old


I arrive at

the Lollipop Man,


He has a joke ready

for me and Sequoia.

he always has jokes

and they're good as well.

"Where's the best place

to watch angry, angry elephants?"

Sequoia and I

are clueless.

"On TV!"

I arrive at school.


I meet my friends

and talk about

the usual stuff

that friends talk about.

That is by far

the best thing at school.

Better than writing,

better than sport.

Better than anything else,