Earthquakes and Volcanoes!

By: Adam Meyer, Sierra Minyard, and Devin Waters


Hello! Welcome to the Earthquake section of the slide. In this section we are going to be talking about the Charleston Earthquake of 1886. This Earthquake was caused by transform plates and had surface waves. This also killed 60 people. The total damages cost 5.5 million dollars to fix and was the largest earthquake to hit the southeast. The earthquake was a class 7, yes 7, earthquake and the magnitude was 7.0.



The last time Yellowstone ever erupted was 1350 BC

The percentage of people that died was 60%

The eruption did not cause any damage in US dollars

The interesting fact is that :IT is no longer active, it has a super volcano under it.

It is located in Montana and Idaho

The Yellowstone volcano caldera is the volcanic caldera and super volcano located in Yellowstone National Park

The major cities that are in danger if it erupts again is Missoula,Billings