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Faculty Administration Managers Newsletter

Issue 10, October 2018


In this edition of FAM News we bring you updates regarding selected systems and projects to keep you informed of the collaborative work, progress and achievements made to date and also what’s on the horizon.

Each edition of FAM News will be focussed on one of the CSU Values. For this edition we focus on “Inspiring… Learning for the Future”. Included are some inspiring demonstrations of generosity from our CSU Community and events to inspire those who attended. A special thank you to the contributors of the event updates and photos…. please keep these coming so we can share these successes and inspire others.

We hope you are enjoying the new-look FAM News. If you have any feedback for us, suggestions for inclusion or further improvements, we are always happy to hear from you via fac-admin-mgrs@csu.edu.au.

Contact Us - We Will Find a Solution

Just a reminder that if you have a question, need support with a procedure or require assistance with equipment e.g. photocopier, contact a professional staff member in your building (even if they are not from your Faculty!). We are here to assist you!

For your convenience, the Faculty Administration Team contact details and responsibilities are available below:

Faculty of Arts and Education (FoAE)

Courses - 02 6933 3304 ext: 33004 (FOAE-Course-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Subjects - 02 6933 3306 ext: 33006 (FOAE-Subject-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Operations - 02 6933 3305 ext: 33005 (FOAE-Ops-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Workplace Learning - 02 6933 2020 ext: 32020 (FOAE-WPL-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences (FoBJBS)

Courses - 02 6933 3000 ext: 33000 (FOBJBS-Course-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Subjects - 02 6933 3002 ext: 33002 (FOBJBS-Subject-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Operations - 02 6933 3001 ext: 33001 (FOBJBS-Ops-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Workplace Learning - 02 6933 3303 ext: 33303 (FOBJBS-WPL-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Faculty of Science (FoS)

Courses - 02 6933 3007 ext: 33007 (FOS-Course-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Subjects - 02 6933 3009 ext: 33009 (FOS-Subject-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Operations - 02 6933 3008 ext: 33008 (FOS-Ops-Admin@csu.edu.au)

Workplace Learning - 02 6933 3010 ext: 33010 (FOS-WPL-Admin@csu.edu.au)

On the rare occasion that we are not available, please leave a voicemail and we will get the most appropriate person to call you back.

Project Updates

CSM Evaluation Action Plan

there have been changes to the team supporting the FAM's to deliver on items identified in the CSM Evaluation Action plan. We would like to thank Karen O'Donnell for her achievements whilst acting in the role of Project Manager for the team. We wish her all the best in her new position with Three Rivers UDRH.

Kellie Lynch has been appointed to the team as Project Manager for the remainder of 2018. She has previously been the Manger, Course Administration team in the Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences and will take up the position from 15 October. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to finalising a lot of the outstanding action items during this time.

  • Kellie Lynch - Project Manager
  • Heather Fielding - Business Analyst
  • Chelsea Williams - Support Officer

The Project team have been making some real progress on the Action Plan with 36% of the issues initially identified already resolved. We have recently been focused on the following:

Clarity around the AO to HOS role

  • Surveyed AO's to HOS and currently reviewing responses
  • Reviewing the AO to HOS Position Description
  • Review Algorithm in relation to school size

Appropriate building support

  • Reviewed current support for each building where functional staff members are located for: BEIMS, Stationary/Building Supplies Orders and Troubleshooting of the Photocopier/Printer
  • Currently resolving identified gaps
  • Planning to communicate key contacts for each building when gaps are resolved
  • Note: All team members are able to assist academic and other colleagues across all Faculties and work units

Preparation for the CRM migration

  • Ongoing communication with the CRM Project team
  • Conducted meetings with Team Managers for teams not currently using Talisma to demo the benefits of a CRM system

JIRA Issues Register

  • Reviewed the JIRA Issues Log used by Functional Team Managers to record and track issues for the functional teams
  • Improved usability, functionality and reporting capabilities
  • Changing its focus from issues to include improvements

Banner 8 -> Single Sign On

CSU's IT experts are continuing to improve our IT experience with the upgrade of the Banner Student System to Banner 8 in August. The upgrade has introduced Single Sign On for Banner Forms, Banner Self Service and Banner Document Manager, reducing the number of times you need to log in, and enhanced the overall security of the system.

More information about the Banner 8 upgrade can be found here.

Offer Decision Project

Work has begun on the Offer Decision Project which is focused on improving on the work done by the Applicant Experience Project. Maryann Wakem will represent the FAM's on the Steering Committee.

The Objectives of this project is to:

  • Allow Applicants to transition smoothly through the decision phases of Accept, Decline or Defer,
  • Seek to improve the retention of Students lost in the process,
  • Reduce the manual overhead encountered by Staff in managing the Applications and their decision outcomes.

CSU Corporate Templates

From time to time important changes are made to the CSU Corporate Templates. Some of these changes may not be easy to see so instead of overriding old files we encourage you to utilise the most up to date templates which can be found here.

CSU Safe

Stay safe and informed with CSU safe. Just text your campus name to 0419 513 136 to register.

By registering you will receive Emergency Notification of High or Critical importance related to your selected campus. You will also receive a link to the Whispir system where you can easily request for Urgent Assistance or submit a Call Back Request, Working Out-of-Hours Notifications and Security Escort Requests.

You can register for more than one campus by texting the additional campus name to 0409 513 136 and easily unsubscribe by texting 'stop (campus name)' to the same number. Very handy for when you are travelling to another campus.

More information can be found here.

Contact Security

Internal: 400

External: 1800 931 633

In case of an emergency phone 000 (fire, police, ambulance), and then campus security.

AO/EA retreat

Administrative Officers to Heads of School and Executive Assistants to the Executive Deans met in Wagga Wagga for a 3 day conference at the start of September. It was a jam packed conference with sessions on time management, best practice, finance, AWM, the DSA Refresh, SAL+, CASIMS, networking and Research, as well as valuable opportunities for discussion and networking. The FAMS appreciate the time they were able to have with the AO's and EA's as a group to provide updates on issues affecting them and the broader administrative teams. Discussions were lively and informative with great participation from all in attendance.
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FOBJBS Course Conference

Over 26 and 27 September, The faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Science Associate Dean (Academic), Course Directors and the Courses Team met in the stunning Engineering Building at the Bathurst Campus to spend some dedicated and focussed time discussing all things strategy, process improvement and efficiencies.

the seminar was focussed on how the FOBJBS Courses area fits within the University's Student Strategy and relevant outputs, identifying efficiencies and workshopping identified issues. There were a number of informative presentations from our Assocaite Dean (Academic) Jenny Kent, the Conversion and Nurture, Communications Engagement, SPI teams and about the upcoming Course Transfer Workflow project. Breakout sessions and workshops were used to discuss issues specifically related to course and portfolio areas and standard approaches and opportunities for efficiency in utilising CSU systems.

The Courses Team and Course Directors worked collegially together with feedback from all involved indicates that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The two days spent together was worth a thousand hours of work in the office (more, even).

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Faculty of Science Fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House

Faculty of Science professional Staff are holding morning tea fundraisers in the month of October to help raise money for the local Ronald McDonald House Charities on the Orange, Wagga and Bathurst campuses.

You are invited to bring a cuppa, a colleague (or two) and a few gold coins to purchase a home made cake and/or slice.

Orange: Morning tea Cake Stall

WHEN: Thursday 11 October 2018

10.30am to Noon

WHERE: Templets Mill Verandah

COST: $2.00 per slice/piece

Wagga: Longest Morning tea Cake Stall

WHEN: Thursday 18 October 2018

10.30am to 2.30pm (or while stocks last)

WHERE: Building 288, Room 109

COST: Morning Tea - Gold coin donation.

A selection of baked goods will be available to purchase. Come and join in and enjoy a cuppa (bring your own mug) and a delicious morning/afternoon tea and help raise funds for an excellent cause.

Bathurst: Morning tea Cake Stall

WHEN: Thursday 18 October 2018

10.30am to 2.30 (or while stocks last)

WHERE: Pulse

COST: $2.00 per slice/piece

Wagga's Building 5 Winter Soup Lunch's and Buy a Bale Fundraising Events

During Winter Building 5 (Wagga Campus) brought people together via soup with a fortnightly gathering as a good way to defrost and get everyone out of their officers to be social. They have held 10 soup lunches since May with participants giving a donation for theor lunch, which has raised over $300.00 for charities such as BrAsh A-T, The Australian Red Cross and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. It;s a great social event that staff look forward to.

Tahnee Wise from Wagga's building 5 has also teamed up with Toby Perry from CHEERS at CSU and Ashlea Dobson from the Office of Global Engagements and Partnerships to raise money over the month of September for the Rural Aid 'Buy a Bale' initiative to support local farmers during the drought.

On Friday 14th September, they held a fundraising event 'Plate for a Mate' hosted at the Deck (building 230) where participants purchased a plate of goodies, with donation going towards the 'Buy a Bale' initiative. As part of the fundraising CHEERS at CSU Wagga ran 'Parma for a Farmer' during the week of the 10th September and there was donation boxes at the various food outlets on Wagga campus throughout the month of September. They have raised $650 for the Rural Aid Buy a Bale initiative. See a video of the event here.

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Consider fundraising for CSU Give at your next social event.

Find out how to Host your own Fundraiser here.

Inspiring… Learning for the Future

Creative in our thinking, yet rigorous in our approach, we drive and lead change and evolution.

Through living the value of “inspiring” we engage and motivate our students and communities to also proactively build innovation and capacity into their lives, careers and industries.

We challenge those around us to leave their comfort zones and support and foster their growth and evolution. We are champions of change with compelling visions and we engage those around us in shaping the journey.

Living this important value creates engagement and commitment from those around us.

Faculty of Arts & Education

The Faculty of Arts & Education have recently announced the recipients of the inaugural Faculty Excellence Awards, recognising staff performance across the Faculty. Further details can be found here.

The Faculty hosted its annual Research Forum from 22 to 24 August in Wagga Wagga. This year's Research Forum brought researchers from across the Faculty together to discuss the broad themes of Hope, Purpose and Impact. Keynote speakers included Professor James Arvanitakis (UWS), Professor Sue Green (who recently commenced with CSU), and Professor Lisa Given (Swinburne).

The CSU Riverina Playhouse reopened on Saturday 15 Sept. A short performance by first-year Acting and Design students followed the official proceedings to welcome attendees to the newly refurbished space.

Faculty of Business, Justice & Behavioural Sciences

The Faculty of Business, Justice & Behavioural Sciences has launched the Bachelor of Business (Industry Professional Practice) with the goal of “Future Proofing Regional Business”. With industry involvement the new co-created program looks to deliver relevant and current preparation for work-ready inspired graduates.

Faculty of Science

As a part of their commitment to support local communities the Faculty of Science Professional Teams will be holding regular fundraising events across the University. Kicking off in the month of October, Morning teas are being held on Bathurst, Orange and Wagga campuses to raise money for the local Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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CSU Ethos

yindyamarra winhanganha means the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.

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