Welcome to Columbia High School

All you need to know about the CHS Library (2016-2017)

Welcome to the library...

This packet contains information to help you succeed at CHS and at using the library and its resources.

  • Acceptable Use Policy - must be signed and returned to the librarian ASAP to be issued a network username/password
  • Application for Public Library card (Maplewood Library, 97 Baker St). Students in the SOMSD schools are entitled to a card that can be used in both SO & Maplewood public libraries. Visit your hometown library for a special "SOMSD student" sticker. You must bring some type of school ID when you apply for the card. South Orange Public Library offers an online library card application - http://www.sopl.org:8086/onlineBorrowerRegistration.html
  • Bookmark - top 6 apps all CHS students should have
  • Magnet - with library URL & contact information
  • Remote Access Database brochure - pink (for 2016-17) brochure with usernames and passwords for all the subscription research databases SOMSD pays for. Keep this brochure handy, as you will need to refer to it during the year.
  • List of technology & research skills with which students should be familiar.

Important websites...

http://www.CHSLibrary.org - bookmark our library website and visit it often

https://powerschool.somsd.k12.nj.us - Check your grades and attendance via PowerSchool

http://somsd.edmodo.com - sign up for an account ... many teachers use this to communicate with students and post assignments, etc.

http://classroom.google.com - Google Classroom. Accessed via your school-issued Google Account. Your teacher will give you class codes to join specific groups.

Meet the Library Staff

Library is staffed by various teachers from 7:15 - 9:00 am

Mrs. Ng, Librarian (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)