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WEEK 37 May 16-20

The 10 Day Countdown has begun! AMP'd up for the end!

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Varsity team brings home 1st Place from the Auburn Mathematical Puzzle Challenge, a STEM problem-solving event.

Weekly Forecast

Monday, May 16: ELA Section 3: Regular Schedule

Tuesday, May 17: Social Studies & Science: Extended 1st & 3rd Blocks

Wednesday, May 18: Social Studies & Science: Extended 2nd & 4th Blocks

Thursday, May 19: Make-up EOCs beginning at 8:30: Check your email

Friday, May 20: Final Make-up EOCs beginning at 8:30: Check your email

Saturday, May 21:

Student Vet

Connect 5K Run/Walk See F Henderson for sign-ups
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To Do List

  • SURVIVE! Be at the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.
  • Limit unnecessary student movement (clinic, offices, media center). Students should not receive passes to go to any other classrooms without prior admin approval. Students without passes will be returned to the classroom by administrators or suspended. Strictly adhere to the cell phone and tardy policy. Administrators will be at the tardy check-in station and roaming campus to support our tardy policy and to keep students in the right place.
  • Begin planning for your final exams and projects. Remind students we do not take exams early. If they have a conflict, they must complete a prior approval form and request permission from the Principal's Office to take exams during post planning. Make up exams will be administered Tuesday, May 31, beginning at 1:00 p.m.. All teachers should follow the exam schedule unless they receive permission from Mrs. Hall for emergencies.
  • Graduation Duties: Check the shared graduation duties checklist. All certified staff members will be expected to participate. If you have questions, get with Dr. Puckett or Mr. Bryant!
  • Wash those Blue Jeans: If we get through this week, staff may wear blue jeans the last week of school. We will get through this week!

NHS Rockstars

Technology Highlight of the Month

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CK-12 Foundation: Free Online Textbooks, Flashcards - sign in with Google account

CK-12 is an online educational content site sponsored by the CK-12 Foundation, a nonprofit that desires to increase worldwide K-12 access to high-quality STEM content. CK-12’s main offering is a collection of free digital textbooks (called “Flexbooks”) for high school age students, particularly on topics in science, engineering, and math. CK-12 has created more than 88 Flexbooks that cover approximately 5,000 STEM content areas (from life science, like DNA vs. RNA, to sequences and series in calculus).

CK-12 offers far more than just textbooks on a screen, however. It’s giving the word “remix” real meaning in education. In addition to traditional text-based material, CK-12’s material is available in more than a dozen other modalities, such as videos, quizzes, flashcards, and “simulations,” or interactive content that brings visualization to abstract concepts. For example, a simulation of force might be showcased with an interactive Ferris wheel, which the user can click on and move to manipulative a force tracker.


CK-12 Foundation Overview

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