April 2019

End of Year Expectations

The Kindergarten team hopes that everyone had a fun and restful spring break! Now that we are back, we are gearing up for the end of the year. We have so much to learn in this last quarter. In reading we want our students to be reading at a level D/E on the reading benchmark. We are striving hard to make it! In writing, we need our students to be able to put a sentence a together and to sound out their words so that others can read their writing. Many of our students are already able to do this! Yay! For those that are still struggling, we are working diligently everyday so they can master this skill as well. Practicing writing at home can help your child master this skill. In math, we are looking for our students to count to 100 by 1's and 10's. We also want our students to understand how to make a group of 10. We have been working every day on these skills in our classrooms! Lastly, in word study we need our students to know the 40 kindergarten sight words. Many have already accomplished this and have moved on to the 1st grade word list. However, we still have many students still working on this skill. If you need another copy of the sight word list, please don't hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher for another copy.


In reading, we have been focusing on informational books. We have learned how to find the main idea and key details. We have also learned how to ask and answer the questions we have when we read a book. Two weeks ago, we switched back to literary (fiction) books. We revisited story elements and how to retell a story. We then partnered up and had our partners use a checklist to make sure we retold the whole story. This week we are starting to talk about how to ask and answer questions in literary stories.


In writing, we have just finished informational writing. We had a blast researching different animals and writing facts about them. We also took our second writing assessment to show everything we learned about informational writing. This week we are starting opinion writing. The Kindergarten team encourages your child to have a writing journal at home, so they can practice sounding out words and writing complete sentences. Thank you so much for your help with this.

Word Study

In word study, we have been working on silent e and long and short vowels. As you are reading at home, please encourage your child to try both vowel sounds if they get stuck on a word. Here are two YouTube songs to help them remember silent e and long and short vowels.


In math, we have been working very hard on addition and subtraction word problems, as well as basic addition and subtraction math facts. Our students are doing well on solving word problems, but are struggling with the basic math facts. The Kindergarten team will be sending home flash cards to help our students master this skill. We thank you in advance for helping us practice this skill with your children! We have also been working very hard counting to 50 and counting on from any number. A song is attached below to help your child count to 100. We have also started working on geometry. Our students are very strong in this area! Hooray!

Open Minds Open Doors

Erin Miller, Primary Talent Development Teacher for FCPS, has been coming into our classrooms and teaching our students lessons on brain building. This past month, she came and taught us the games, "Guess My Rule" and "Gatekeeper". Both games dealt with shapes. The students had to decide how the shapes were sorted and then guess the rule. They had so much fun! In "Gatekeeper" they could only go through the gate if they had the right shape to match the rule. We had a blast playing these games. Here are some pictures to show how much fun we had.

It's PARCC time again!

Its that time of year again when our older students take the PARCC assessments. We try to keep everything as normal as possible, but due to the testing there are some schedule changes that Kindergarten has to follow.

Week 1: April 22-April 26: Normal schedule-no changes

Week 2: April 29-May 3: Normal Schedule, except that Mrs. Bell has P.E. on Friday instead of Wednesday and Mrs. Ramsburg has library Friday instead of Wednesday. Everything else is the same.

Week 3: May 6-May 10: Monday: Lunch: 11:05-11:35; Tuesday -Friday: Lunch: 11:25-11:55;

Specials: Monday: normal times; Tuesday: DeMar: Music 9:55-10:35, Everyone: 10:40-11:20, Mercer: Art 2:45-3:25; Wednesday: normal times, Snively: Music: 2:45-3:25; Thursday: Everyone: 10:40-11:20, Bell: P.E. 2:45-3:25, Ramsburg: Media 2:45-3:25; Friday: Everyone: normal times

Week 4: May 13-May 17: Normal Schedule-no changes

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Field Day!

Friday, June 14th, 9am-3pm

601 Contender Way

Frederick, MD

We will need volunteers! Please be on the lookout for more information if you can help out for Field Day! The Rain date is June 17.