Bill of Rights

Zeven Faseler 1st period 12-18-14

1st Amendment

Freedom of speech: The government cant make laws that take away freedom of speech, religion, press, and excise of thereof.

2nd Amendment

Right to Arms: We are American people are allowed to have, and bare weapons and not be held, or prosecuted for having them in possession-.

3rd Amendment

Soldiers can in time of peace, or war be housed in a house without the owner's consent.

4th Amendment

We are not to be exposed to unreasonable searches, unless a warrant is given.

5th Amendment

American citizen's can be held for a supposed crime until a Grand Jury find them guilty.

6th Amendment

In trial, citizens have the right to a quick and speedy public trial, and to be jailed, you need to have evidence against you.

7th Amendment

If found guilty you have the right to fee's.

8th Amendment

All citizen's have rights that give them immunity to cruel and unusual punishment.

9th Amendment

Certain rights