Sabreena Ramirez


Getting There

I will be taking a plane to Florida with my mom on the plane I will be relaxing and also watching the sky and the could fly ? by when we get to the air port I will pick up my luggage and than I will tack taking a taxi to my hotel.

Where to Stay

I will be staying at the Halliday inn for a week.Almost everyday I will be doing something the first thing I what to do is go to Disney land and universal studios . A mother thing I what to do is Go swimming.


Some activities I what to do is go shopping and explore the amazing landscape . And hang out at the hotel.


Some problem I mite have is transpire tahsin .Also finding the room .so what I am going to do for transport tastiness is rant a car . Ask for derivations to the room.


I think that florida is fun and a wonder full place to go for summer or spring Barack. Because of the wonder full actives .

About the Traveler

the travel was amazing and fun and relaxing .I will go back in a hart beat