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Volume 4, Issue 30

This week at FMES

Monday: A great day at FMES!

Tuesday: 2nd grade STEAM Performance @ 9am

Wednesday: 3rd grade STEAM Performance @ 9am

Thursday: 4th grade STEAM Performance @ 9am

Friday: A great day at FMES!

STEAM Performances!

It’s time for the annual STEAM performances! Please see below for a list of dates. All performances will take place in the cafeteria from 9:00-9:30am on the designated date. Also, all students will participate and are asked to wear JEANS and a BLUE OR YELLOW FMES SHIRT. If your child does not own an FMES shirt, please have them wear a SOLID BLUE OR YELLOW shirt with their jeans. We hope to see you there!

2nd Grade: Tuesday, April 9th

3rd Grade: Wednesday, April 10th

4th Grade: Thursday, April 11th

Group A K/1 (Feneis, Whitaker, Sims, Blackwell, Stalions, Simpson, Hendershot): Thursday, May 16th

Group B K/1 (Light, Blum, Barkley, VanBibber, Mariaca, Segarra, Whitley): Friday, May 17th

Mark your calendars for April 24th...FMES Math Night at PUBLIX!!!

FMES Math Night at Publix Supermarket

928 Gold Hill Road

Fort Mill, SC 29708


Bring your family and join us for a fun filled supermarket scavenger hunt! The unit will take around 30 minutes and there will be interactive stations along the way-with a chance to win prizes! This is a great opportunity to interact with your child with a focus on mathematics and real life learning/skills! We look forward to seeing you there!

Kindness-Let’s Model What We Expect of our Children

As Kindess Week at FMES comes to an end, I wanted to take a moment to ask you as parents to remember to model what we are teaching and encouraging in the students.

As principal, my job is to advocate for our students, parents and for the staff at FMES. One concern that has been brought to my attention is the amount of negative talk, comments, etc. on social media. There are numerous sites (community pages, personal pages, advocacy pages, etc.) that were created with the intention of being helpful to others and have since turned into areas that accommodate negativity about teachers, administrators and school communities. When used in this manner, NO ONE benefits from these platforms. Spewing the same type of negativity and behavior that we teach our children not to engage in affects everyone. As a result, employees who have dedicated their lives to helping children now feel discouraged, hurt, lost and are wondering if this job is “really worth” it. This type of behavior has a large emotional impact on educators in addition to their regular every day stressors of being in the classroom. I encourage you to have open dialogue with your child’s teachers, support teams, administration, and other stakeholders to any solve problems you may be experiencing. Will problems always be solved exactly the way we as individuals want them to be? No, but engaging in meaningful fact based conversation is the best way to solve conflict. Utilizing social media, discussing situations from one perspective and allowing others to have input is often the catalyst to a bigger problem. It causes hurt feelings, anger and resentment.

We teach students “NOTHING on social media is private, even if you think your page is.” This is something that we all should consider before airing our feelings on social media. As always, the doors at FMES are open. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Spring Break is Coming!

The week of April 15-19 is Spring Break! Enjoy your time with your family and we look forward to seeing the students on April 22nd.

Have a WONDERFUL Week!

Jocelyn R. Young, Principal

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