My Spring Break

By: Diamond Robinson

During the Week: Highlights

My spring break was pretty basic and boring this year. I usually would have done something or went some where. On Monday and Weds. I have class at South Georgia Tech. from 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., so I went. Wed. night I thing I did what most people did and that was watch Empire. I love most of all the new show, such as Power!

Cant Forget PrincessP!

During my whole spring break my little Princess was right there. We watched Empire, sat around eating junk, and even did my online class work. During all of this we were expecting a visit from grandma well great grandma to her. We had also planned to take a trip so that she could meet her fathers paternal side of their family. We had even planned to take a trip to the gym but if there is no other time to be lazy spring break is the time!

Weekend: Highlights

During the weekend, on Saturday, Paige and myself got to see my grandmother again and meet her new husband. She brought gifts and the whole nine yards to make the perfect ice cream sundae. Sunday was the day we were suppose to take a trip deeper into Plains, Ga, so that Paige could meet more of her family and celebrate her great grandfathers birthday. Soon we will rep-plan that trip and many other fun trips. Happy late Easter everyone!