Midnight for Charlie Bone Review

By:Kelly Huang

Author: Jenny Nimmo /Pages:401


In the book Midnight for Charlie Bone, you read about how a boy named Charlie who lives in London who had his life completely changed.The point of view is omniscient. It also starts off one day when Charlie is trying to make his friend Benjamin a birthday card. He was planning to get a picture of Benjamin's dog to use as a card, but instead gets a mysterious portrait of a family which begins talking to him. It just happens that Charlie's grandma, Grandma Bone walks in and begins thinking that Charlie might be one of the "gifted" children( being a child with powers from the Red King passed down to them). Long time ago, a king came to the North, wearing a scarlet colored cloak (hints the name Red King) ;the king was also a skilled magician who had ten children, and it just happen that Charlie father had one of the powers. Because of Charlie's new talent, he has to go to a school called Bloor's Academy which is a school based for many more children with hidden talents like Charlie. At first Charlie thought that going to the academy wouldn't be any use at all, but overtime he finds clues to try and find Miss Ingledew's long lost niece. With the help of Charlie, his friend Benjamin, and a few of his family members they try to find the missing girl and bring her back. Once they found the girl, she was also one of the endowed children. The girl, Emma and Miss Ingledew then lived together happily.

My Connection to the Story

The theme can relate to my life, because Charlie doesn't find out about the missing niece until he talks about the photo. I'm related to that ,because you never can find about more about someone unless you actually start asking them about certain things. Also, there could be certain things that could have happened at your school that you don't know. With Charlie and his academy, since the students have hidden talents you would expect that there would be certain secrets that happened. Kinda the same as how some secrets could have happened to a student at school. I thought that the message in the book was that you can use your talents for good or bad. In the story, you find out that five of the Red King's children decided to use their magic for bad when the other five kids decide to use the magic for good. Same goes in reality, where you could use your skills for helping others or yourself in life, or you can use your skills for bad and be doing no good.