Visit Saturn, The Place Of Wonder!

Prices Start At $120 Each Night

Explore the land of Saturn, & start your adventures here.. (EXCLUSIVE SALES-LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Start by landing into the main moons: Titan and Rhea. Perfect for long, misty walks on the surface and events. Call these moons the party palace! You can also explore our other 50+ moons, prices only starting at $35.
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Did you know? / Questions from you

Saturn is the flattest planet in the solar system.

It's the fifth brightest thing in the solar system.

Saturn orbits the Sun once every 29.4 Earth years.

Saturn can be seen with the naked eye.

Mostly made of hydrogen.

Top layers of atmosphere are mostly ammonia ice.

Has 62 known moons.


What types of clothing to wear? - Well with temperatures of -270, you gotta be sure to have some sweaters! A little unfriendly environment but you can check out our malls filled with clothing perfect for Saturn!


What kinds of transportation? - Don't worry, we are very evolved. Try renting one of our extreme hoverboards! (comes in 5 colors) or try our slick scooters, both for just $80 a week!