Welcome to Origami Owl!

So happy to have you join my team!

Congratulations on getting your wings!

The wait is over, you can now fly as an Origami Owl! I'm so happy that you've joined my team and I know you will have great success! I am your Mentor, the person that you will reach out to first with any questions you may have. When I add you to our various Facebook groups, please note the following names and how they fall in your upline:

Upline (in order)

- Me! (Your Mentor and Senior Team Leader)

- Deanna Bonilla (My mentor, your upline)

- Brandy Welcher (Our Executive Team Leader and Deanna's Mentor)

- Michelle Freatman (Our Senior Director and Brandy's direct Mentor)

- Our Direct to Corporate (top in our line) is Heidi Russell. Heidi also happens to be THE top designer in the entire Origami Owl company! You have just joined THE best selling team in all of Origami Owl!

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Your new starter kit!

Happiness in a box will arrive at your doorstep about 3 business days after you join! Your kit includes all the tools and product you need to start your business off right! Please note that the exact lockets and chains received vary, and none of the starter kits include any of the birthstones or any initials/numbers. I always encourage new Designers to purchase some of these items to be able to show at Jewelry Bars as they are VERY popular in most lockets. One option (that I personally did myself when I joined and I found worked out very well until I was able to build up more of my inventory) was to purchase round birthstones for the months of January through June, heart birthstones for July through December, and then one girl birthstone kid, one boy birthstone kid, and a couple of letters (letters J and A are very popular and might be a good bet for starting off - you could do one in silver and the other in gold). By doing this, you will be able to show every color for the birthstones and every style, and be able to give your guests and customers a great idea of what their final locket will look like!

What do you need to hold your first Jewelry Bar? You will get everything you need in your starter kit! Add in an aqua table cloth (Party City sells a plain one for $9.99 that many people start off with and is the perfect color!) and a couple of busts to display a few lockets and you're all set. Don't make the mistake of buying every owl you see, every bust, tons of display items, etc. While all of that is cute, you don't want to overpower your display. The focus should always be on the jewelry. As you grow your business, you may wish to upgrade your jewelry display trays, add in some more busts, add some signage etc, but the basics are the most important.

Not sure how to set up your first jewelry bar? Here's a simple idea using your Starter Kit items.

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Back Office, Replicated Site, O2 Connection Newsletter and More!

Not only does your Starter Kit include everything that comes in that Happiness in a Box, but you also get access to your Back Office, Replicated Website, and your O2 Connection Newsletter!

What is all that???

Well your Back Office is your source for all updates and information from the Nest (home office/corporate), plus you can see all your orders, commissions, customer info, etc! It has everything you need to run your business and one of the most important parts of your Back Office is the RESOURCES tab. Please make sure to take some time to click on the Resources tab and go through all of the amazing files that the Nest has put out for your use! How do you access your Back Office? It's easy. Simply go to your Replicated Site and on the upper right hand corner click on Designer Login.

What is your Replicated Site? Well that's YOUR website, where your customers will go to shop. When you join, you are asked to enter a replicated site name. Mine for example is ShopYesenia. So if you go to www.ShopYesenia.origamiowl.com it will bring you directly to my site and you will see my name in the upper right corner. I HIGHLY encourage you to choose a replicated site name that is EASY to spell and remember. Also, one that is NOT too long so that it fits on your business cards easily!

*Please remember that you may not use any of the Origami Owl trademarked names in your replicated site or email names. Those include: Origami Owl, o2, hoot loot, Owl Always Love You, Jewelry Bar, You Tell Stories with words... we tell stories with jewelry, Tagged, or Every Locket Tells a Story.*

Your O2 Connection newsletter is a company provided newsletter that gets emailed out directly to your customers! You should log in to your newsletter and upload a picture if you'd like to personalize it and connect better with your customers. You may also customize the top blurb that shows on your newsletter. Other than that, you don't have to do a thing! The customers that order through you and are entered in your back office will be added to your newsletter automatically.

Email and bank account

Something to consider and that I highly recommend is to open up a business email account and a separate bank account that you use ONLY for your Origami Owl business. While you may feel that you don't need to do this at the beginning, I promise that it will make your life so much easier as your business grows. It's something that I recommend you do from day one. Your business email could be your replicated site name @xyz.com to keep things simple for your customers.

You can open up a separate free bank account and link it to your existing bank accounts - it will make managing your money much easier. I encourage a separate debit card for your new account too (it doesn't have to be a business account by the way, a simple checking account to start off would work just as well). By having a separate debit card for your new account, you will be able to use your account to make purchases through your back office. Or for example if you accept cash or checks at a jewelry bar, you will have to deposit them into your account and then use your debit card to place the order.

Business Cards

Business cards for your new Origami Owl business must be ordered through Flyers Direct. Please note you cannot order cards from VistaPrint or another website. The great news is that the business cards offered through Flyers Direct are beautiful and very professional looking. It's very simple to order and the turn around time is usually about 2 weeks. Bonus: get your new business cards at a discount through July 31st!


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Origami Owl Mission Statement:

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Team Meeting!

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 at 6:30pm

Garden City, NY

Garden City, NY

Join me for our first Team Meeting! I am back from the 1st Annual Origami Owl National Convention and would love to share with you all. The meeting will be a little bit of meet and greet and some training as well.

Contact me!

I am here for YOU! Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help. While I do aim to answer any emails/texts/posts as quickly as possible, please allow for up to 24 hours to receive a response. You can also post on one of our designer boards if you need an answer immediately and I cannot be reached.

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I am so happy your journey has brought you not only to Origami Owl, but to me as well. I look forward to seeing you succeed!

O2 Connec