Maverick Minutes

Week of 1/11-1/15

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Mavericks! I hope your new year is off to a good start and your resolutions are still making it! I am excited for what this year brings to us as we continue to make a difference in the lives of these kids in the instructional practices we are providing them, the guidance we show and the relationships we are building. We have now gone through one semester and will use the upcoming early release day to look at the data to tweak and move forward. Bring your thoughts to the table, understand the processes we must keep in place, but have constructive strategies that are best for kids. To grow means to constantly look at things, change where needed and keep the most important people in mind...our students! Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis with planning, teaching, etc. Thank you for your patience this past week and the many thoughts and prayers you've sent my way! I am eager to get back in the building Tuesday! Have a great week!

Marching from the UK!

HRHS and HiRMS were represented well in the London New Year's Day Parade! Alyson Jaynes, Jacob Brauninger, Trenton Davis, Aleah Jennings, Kayla Jennings, Olivia Lily and Nia Moore represented HiRMS and we are so proud of the performance they gave. All of London treated us like royalty, but particularly the band students as the schools in London do not have marching bands! A GREAT BIG shout out to Andrew and Molly Blair and Chris White for the time and dedication that they give to our kids and our band program.

Eryn Ruff: Helping Others in Need!

While I was home, my mom was going through some of my old stuff and found a “certificate of recognition” I earned in middle school for forming friendships with and making students with disabilities feel welcomed in the regular education classes. I also remember how proud it made me feel to receive that recognition from my teachers at my school, but even more so how good it felt to know I might have made a difference in someone else’s life. I would like to do the same for our students as well.

Over these past couple months, I have noticed certain students that have gone out of their way, and above and beyond, to make some of my students with special needs feel included socially and academically. These students have not been required to do so, but rather have out of the kindness of their hearts (without any prompting given). I have seen these acts of kindness in the following ways: standing up for a student when they were being bullied, offering a student who is often left out to join their group for an assignment or to sit with them at lunch, sitting with a student in class and providing them with extra support/guidance, offering kind words of encouragement, etc.

Therefore, I would really like to recognize the students here at Hickory Ridge that have shown any sort of kindness to any student who has needed it (whether they are EC or not). If you have any student that stands out to you, please email me their name, grade, and one sentence of what they did that was an act of kindness for another student. I plan to write a letter home to these student’s parents and then reward the students with a certificate of their own and a pizza lunch. My hope is that this recognition will make other students want to show more kindness to all their peers, no matter their differences. Thank you for your time and help! As always, it is greatly appreciated! J

Eryn Ruff

We Are So Proud of Our Spelling Bee Champ: Lisa Zuo

Finishing 3rd in the county, Lisa Zuo (seated at the far right) represented HiRMS well in the District Spelling Bee Competition! Please congratulate Lisa when you see her!
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Important Dates: January

1/13: Grade Level Meeting

1/13: HS Principal and HS GCs meet with 8th grade in the gym at 3:30

1/15: Early Dismissal 1:00

1/15: Data Disussion from 2:30-4:00

1/18-19—NO SCHOOL