2015 Year in Review

Emma E

The 3 companies that marketed best in 2015

1. Apple- apple has been making iPhones and other devices for many years, but this year Apple had a major breakthrough. Apple has convinced most of the world that if you don't have an apple device, your not cool. Due to this, most people get the iPhone not because of its awesome features, but because you want to look cool. However, Apple does strive to include the newest features and come out with the newest products that have help lead to its success.
2. Starbucks- Starbucks has mostly appealed to middle aged working people, this year Starbucks has appealed to many different types of customers. Teenagers has been the major target for Starbucks this year. In order for Starbucks to accommodate both types of customers this year, they have made lots of new flavors and types of drinks that they will like. the popular hit has been the frappucino, and the pumpkin spice latte. Starbucks also has a satisfaction guarantee, so if you don't like your drink get a new one for free. This attracts customers because it shows that they care.
3.Ivory Ella- Ivory Ella is a company that sells items such as t-shirts, necklaces, and more all of which have an elephant on it. These products all have elephants because they take a percentage of every purchase to donate to a charity that saves elephants. This brand has done well this year because it makes cute stuff, while donating to a good cause, which appeals to customers.

The best 2 products of 2015

1.Uggs- This year Uggs have been one of the most wanted things. Ugg is made from sheep skin so its very soft and comfortable. A lot of people want Uggs because they last for a long time, are very comfortable, and because they are just very popular so you look cool if you have them.
2. Lokai bracelets- This is a bracelet that supposedly has water and dirt from the lowest and highest points on earth. The product is intended to bring balance to the person wearing it. Not only does everyone love this bracelet because its super cute, but also because some of the profit goes to charity, so people are helping the community.

The 2 worst products of 2015

1. Hoverboard- The hoverboard is a product that was intended to be like the hoverboard in the move "Back to the Future". Instead this product touches the ground, it doesn't actually hover. Not only that, but many customers have had an issue with them catching on fire, this is very dangerous to have.
2. Bearpaw- Bearpaw is a company that sells boots just like Ugg. I think this is a terrible product because they are copying Ugg and trying to sell it for a lower price, but everyone still loves Uggs.

Top 2 movies of 2015

1. Star Wars- Star wars was a big hit because it was the newest in that series for a long time. A lot of star wars lovers were ready to see it so much advertising wasn't needed, but they still created posters and commercials to support it.
2. Inside Out- Inside Out was a popular movie because it advertised well by appealing to kids. It played commercials on kids TV channels, and advertised where kids would see it so they would want to see the movie.

Best artists of 2015

1. Adele- Adele has created a stunning new album that has come out this year. Adele has advertised well by playing her song on commercials and going on tour for the first time in a while.
2. Shawn Mendes- Mendes has created a song that has gotten really popular this year, "Stitches". He has advertised this song by going on radio stations and other places.

top 10 vacation spots of 2015

1- Paris, France

2-New York, New York

3-Rome, Italy

4- Cancun, Mexico

5-London, England

Source: http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/travel-tips/articles/top-10-vacation-spots

new years resolution

Personal improvements- Workout more

family and friends- fight with my brother less

school and outside world- Stop procrastinating on homework