Bucket Project


Diameter and Radius

the diameter of the Bucket is 11.75''

The Radius of the Bucket is 9.5''

Height and Volume

Height is 9.5''

Volume is 1038

1.6 seconds a cup

Problem solving

flow rate=1/4 π(11.8)squared x velocity

flow rate= 108.8


I measured the bucket too get a height of 11.75'' and a Radius of 5.9'', which i then doubled to get a diameter of 11.8''. I then used those numbers to get the volume by multiplying π by the Radius squared and multiplying that by the height. which gave me 1038. Then i took the fact that the water was flowing 11.6 seconds per cup by 68.8,which equals 789.08. which i divided by 60 to get 13:30. Then to Account for the pressure being stronger when the water is fuller, I added about 2 minutes to the time to try to account for the peed of the water varying and slowing down a lot when the water is low. which gave me 15:30.

Final Anwser