Speeding, Fatigueing & Weeding.

18 year old dies, One still in coma, Two girls fatherless.

18 year old Kayden Evens was party at his Auburn house, the night of his 18th birthday. His girlfriend - Elena Riddell 17 year old, was feeling unwell. Kayden decided to leave his 18th birthday and take Elena home. Elena lived in Merrylands, not to far from Kayden's home.

But at around 11:30PM, Kayden thought no one was on the streets. So he did what any other teenager would've done. He was speeding while on Marijuana.

Father of two, Peter Johnson was in the on coming car that collided with Kayden's Blue Subaru.

Peter Johnson was coming home from a late shift at Westmead hospital and was passing by Merrylands. Fatigue overwhelmed Peter and all he wanted to do was go home to his wife and get some rest. But for Peter, leaving his wife and two kids that morning he wouldn't have known that it would be the last time he would see them.

" I heard a big bang outside my house and I saw to cars. I could hear a voice, a male voice." Witness, Sarah Lily. " I ran to the helpless body, it was a man around .. in his thirties. He.. he tried to speak to me. He touched his tattoo on his left wrist of 3 letters in a love heart. A J A. He whispered the word love... " Sarah called triple zero as other neighbours came out. Since that day, Sarah has been having nightmares.

" If only I took my sister home but I just wanted to hang with .. with my friends " Jerome Riddell says. " I love Elena And hopefully she is strong enough to wake up " Jerome was also at the party and partying in fact. He is only 16 and was intoxicated. Illegally drinking.

" I miss Peter everyday, my girls... They still ask for him. I just wish this was a dream and Peter would come back. To watch April and Jaime grow. " Anna Johnson tells O.T.N.I.S reporters.

So now because of these many mistakes made, many people have to suffer. Kayden will never live his life. Elena may not even wake up from her coma and for peter's kids, they will never know there father.

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Precautions On the roads.

  • Pit stops.

On longer roads they should have small pit stops that cars can stop because of fatigue.

  • Educate.

Start teaching teens the plain and simple ways that road safety can affect peoples futures. Parents should remind there children about road safety, before they go out.