Where Dads get involved & make a huge difference at CTI!

Kick-off Event Thursday, October 6 at 6:00pm

Calling all Dads & Father-figures!
Check out WatchDOGS- a great program where a father/father-figure comes to school for a day and makes a difference not only in their child's life, but in the lives of other kids in the school just by being there.

What Do I Have to Do?

To become a WatchDOG you must compelte the Keller ISD Volunteer form here:

or found at the bottom of the flyer.

Then you will be able to sign up using the WatchDOG Sign-up Button at the bottom of the flyer to sign up for your day.

You do not have to do a full day. It can be half day or just a couple hours- we are happy to have you for whatever time frame fits your schedule!

See the example Full-day WatchDOG schedule below:

Example Agenda of a Full Day WatchDOG

7:45 Sign in at front office, greet kids in hallways

7:45-8:50 Go to class with your child

8:55-9:45 Assist with special students in PE

9:45-9:55 Walk the Hallways

9:55-10:05 Do a quick video in the Library for announcements to promote WatchDOGS

10:05-10:40 Go to class with your student

10:40-11:45 Go to lunch & recess with your student, stay on the playground to help

11:45-12:30 Walk the Cafeteria, talk with other students

12:30-1:20 Go to co-curr with your student

1:20-2:30 Go to class with your student

2:30-2:50 Assist in the front office if needed

2:50-3:00 Walk the hallways during dismissal

Want to check it out first?

Go to the website (link below) if you'd like to learn more about how this amazing program helps not only your student, but all of our students! Please contact Lauren TeGantvoort (Mrs. TeG) if you have any questions
Keller ISD Volunteer Form

You must fill out a new form each year. If you have already filled out a form this year for another child at another KellerISD school, you do not have to fill out another one.

WatchDOGS Sign-up

Type in your email address where you want the reminder sent. Click on the day that you want to come spend the day at school, put in your info & it will email you a confirmation. If you have trouble, please contact Lauren TeGantvoort.