Custom Fabric Printing

Silk Fformal Dresses

Custom fabric printing helping you makes a personalized style statement

Just look around you and you will find a million uses of silk fabrics and more so of custom fabric printing that have mesmerized buyers all across the globe.Silk ever since it was discovered in the ancient ages has preserved its place in the hearts and minds of people.Produced with the help of silkworms , the art and science of producing silk from silk worms ,known as sericulture, is ages old and silk formal dresses are now developed on a mass scale with the help of sophisticated machinery that has the capacity to double and quadruple production overnight.

The good news…

Now the good news is that these silk fabrics are available to a wide range of customers all across the globe given the massive reach of the web. Just point and click on any of the garments and zoom it to see the full image of the garment including the buttons and the embroidery that make up the whole dress.Image stylists do an awesome job in uploading these pics which can be rotated and turned in any direction to help customers make the decision regarding a purchase. Since open deliveries are not allowed, and you cannot try out the dress before giving money to the delivery boy, seeing the dress rightly on the portal makes sense.

How about ordering them from a web store?

Well not only will you get economies of scale you will also get rock bottom prices that you will not get in a physical store. Showrooms may get high footfalls but they are beset by high rental costs, electricity costs, salaries and other infrastructure costs that are to be borne by the customer. Add to this the burden of multiple taxes and you get a finished branded product that will be at least two times more costly than what a web store would offer after performing custom fabric printing on it.

Besides when you enter a showroom, there is a lot of high pressure salesmanship that goes into play as soon as a customer enters the hallowed portals of a showroom. But there is no such high pressure salesmanship in an online store. You can log in at any time of the day and log out at any time of the day any number of times, without any questions being asked.That's the beauty of online stores: No questions asked...that's their mantra and most of them are gaining popularity because of this freedom only. Not only such an arrangement saves time, it saves money and helps busy executives to buy their favourite dresses sitting in the comfort of their air-conditioned offices.

This trend is fast catching up even in developing countries and a lot of female buyers are looking forward to buying their silk formal dresses online. Most of these girls are working and have no time to go out in the market & buy stuff. Some of them work in night shifts and they sleep through the day so for these category of girls, online shopping is the way to go.