World War 2

By: Alyson Grow



Known as just numbers

We work


Enslaved to the Nazis

They believe we are impure


We’re not

We’ve grown up here

Germany is our home

March 21,

Today the Nazis came to Poland. Tata is working for the Priest. The Priest said if we need any help to get out of trouble just call. It seems we might need help. They are rounding up all of the Jews. The Priest’s only plan is to forge documents so it says were Polish. We can go work at a factory for Germans to be safe from the camps with them.

Signing out,


The Effects of Nazi's Treating the Jews Harshly

Date: May 23, 1939

Doctor: Gustuv Abb

Name: 1236543

Date: May 23, 1939

Diagnosis, Procedures, Side Effects

  • Starvation. Put on formula. Coma, stroke, inability to obtain food

  • Dehydration. Drink more fluids. Sunken eyes, little urination, confusion


  • Sunken eyes

  • Dry skin


  • State of confusion

  • High blood pressure

  • Electrolyte imbalance


Put the patient on formula, and drink more fluids


The Goal of the War

Germany's goal of the war was to eliminate all un-pure people and to bring the country back to its former glory. United States' goal was to strengthen ties with Great Britain.
Big image
This picture shows how that the Nazi's chose to attack Great Britain by air and not land invasion.

Social Problem

Many people were killed because of what they believed in, this caused a genocide.

Movement Analysis

The movement affected many Americans, for men went into the army while some of the women stayed behind to fill in the jobs of the men. Other woman went with the men as nurses to help people that got hurt during the War. The goal of the movement was successful.
World War II in 3 Minutes

Time Frame

  • September 1, 1939- the start of World War 2
  • December 7, 1941- United States joined the war
  • September 2, 1945- end of the war


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