Intro to me!!!

Jose Zamora

Some of my hobbies are to read some of the times and i love technology so i spend most of the time on it and exploring new things that can be done with that certain peice of technollogy.

My family consists of my mom, step dad, brother and sister. my mom's name is maribel my step dad's name is kevin. my brother's name is Michael and he is turning 6 on august 27, and as well my sister is 2 she turned two on april first.

When I'm out of high school this year either i want to go to the millitary and that would be the United States Marine Corps. or i also have a back up plan and that is to be a lawyer in either criminal law or maybe Immigration Law.

What i mostly did this summer was work my time away, but its fun so i was ok and also went to summer school which was ok because i was trying to catch up on classes that had failed or didn't want to take my last year during the school year.

I am a returning student here at BHS i had a simillar class to Entrepreneurship which was Business Managment. and i would like info on to joining DECA.