Cool? Identity, drugs, & Fitting In

Our first thoughts

What is being cool?

Being cool is to fit in easily, having a lot of friends, and your styles. In the book Elsewhere, Liz meets Curtis Jest the lead singer of her favorite band. She thinks he is so cool. She thinks it's so cool to talk to him and so cool to be with him. But in reality Curtis isn't really that awesome. She thinks that she's cool because shes talking to a popular person. This relates to being cool in the real world because a lot of the cool people hang out with other cool people. But we think that being cool is being yourself and not caring what people think of you.

Why do you think people use drugs/alcohol?

Our biggest idea is that people do drugs and drink to be cool. They think that it makes them older, and tougher but it doesn't it makes them stupid. If the "popular" people do these things all their friends will do it too. Then all their friends will do it too, and on and on and on. So if no one does it, it wont be a problem.

Are drugs/alcohol a problem for teens?

Yes drugs are a problem. If teens do drugs at a younger age, they could get addicted and it would ruin the rest of their lives. 23% of highschoolers already do drugs, according to That is not even including middle schools. People are doing drugs way too early and it is going to effect their lives big time.