Nicotine vapor

By Abby powers

what is nicotine vapor?

  • A electronic cigarette that is battery powered that gives the feeling of smoking without burning tobacco
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how is the drug taken into the body?

  • Smoked

street names

  • E-cigs,E-juice,E-liquid,vapes,juice,smoke juice, clouds,mods, PV (personal vaporizer) and,ego

how does it affect the body?

Affects heart and lungs just like a cigarette but not as much as a cigarette with tobacco

short term effects

dry mouth, dry skin,puffy eyes,caffeine sensitivity and, minor blood nose issues

long term effects


signs of abuse

  • if they start using harder drugs in their vape pen instead of just nicotine

Ex: K2 or flakka

  • addicted
  • nicotine withdraw



  • The body will go through nicotine withdraw and crave nicotine