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Welcome to the second edition of our club newsletter. We hope to use our club newsletter as a platform to keep and to build connections between players and the club. Read on for updated news, new videos, and exciting challenges. Watch your in-box for future editions!

For Our Athletes



  • The skill of dribbling is important to all soccer players, and there are many different ways to dribble depending on the situation. When we have the competition we will evaluating dribbling skills in a few different ways.
  • Practice your dribbling skills in a few different ways.
    • Place 5 – 8 cones (or anything … shoes, soccer balls) in a straight line
      • 1 yard apart
      • 2 yards apart
    • Place your cones in a zig zag pattern.
    • You can also practice dribbling fast but you need to make sure you are in control and can stop or turn the ball if needed. Practice this by setting up your cones farther apart, 8 – 10 yards, and in different patterns – zig zags, squares, triangles – Be Creative! Dribble as fast as you can making sure you turn as close to the cones as possible.


  • The ability to make a good pass is very important in soccer. There are many different types of passes, but two of the most important factors all passes are judged on are the accuracy and the speed of the pass.
  • During the competition we will be evaluating passes that are made when the ball is still and when it is moving.
  • You can practice passing in several different ways
    • Partner passing with someone in your family.
    • Find a wall that is okay to kick against and set up something as a target against the wall. Practice passing at the target from different distances and from a still ball and from when the ball is moving.
    • You can also pass your way around your back yard, picking out targets like a tree, and try to hit it. You can also place targets around the yard and try to hit them.

For Our Parents / Families


Brought to you by the US Soccer #Bend The Curve Campaign

Saturday, April 25 - Rochester Raging Rhinos vs. Colorado Rapids (1999 Final)

Broadcasts at 8pm ET on YouTube, Facebook and ussoccer.com


The BSC would like to share resources with athletes and families for health, safety, and wellness.

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See future editions of our newsletter for additional training videos.

Club Update as of 4.25.20


The club has received an update from the Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL). The league has been informed by the United States Youth Soccer Association, the national governing body for youth soccer, that all activity has been pushed back until May 15, 2020. In addition the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, our regional governing body, issued a statement emphasizing a return to activity would only occur when it is deemed 100% safe to participate in a contact sport.

The CDYSL executive committee will be meeting on April 30, 2020 to discuss the future of the spring league, and a general board meeting involving all clubs will be held on May 7, 2020.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times. The club is closely monitoring the situation and all information being provided by our governing organizations, and of course will provide updates to our members as we receive them. The BSC is not able to make any decisions regarding how we move forward, including registrations, until the CDYSL informs us of their plans to proceed after their meeting at the end of the month.

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