NHS Band & Guard

EVENT: USBands @ Bethel High School on September 9

First Competition Event of the Year!

This is a VERY long email that is packed with all the information you need about Saturday... please take some to read it carefully, as we have (believe it or not!) streamlined it as much as possible.

You will usually receive an email with the details & practice/performance schedule for each Saturday competition on Monday or Tuesday evening; for now, be aware that most competition performances are in the evening.

Schedule for September 9

Here's the rundown for Saturday's USBands event at Bethel High School:

8:00 am: Rehearsal @ NHS

12:00 am: Mini Band Camp Picnic Hour

1:00 pm: Rehearsal @ NHS

3:30 pm: Dinner Break *

5:00 pm: Depart for BHS


9:15 pm: Awards

9:45 pm: Buses depart for NHS

10:15 pm: Buses arrive @ NHS

* There will always be a lunch and/or dinner break listed on the schedule. You can either send something with your child or bring them lunch/dinner at that time. If we have a double-show day, members will usually have a lunch break at NHS and then have time to buy dinner at one of the shows.

Parents, don't forget to sign up for late-breaking news and updates to this schedule through REMIND - click here or text @nhsbandg to the number 81010.

What do you need on Event Days?

Band Members
  • Instrument & music

  • Uniform in garment bag (members change into uniform after dinner break)

  • Band shoes, black crew socks & NHSBG windbreaker (TIP: put these in the bottom of the garment bag and/or in the zipper section)

  • Hat in hat box (carried separately, not inside the garment bag)

  • Gloves will be distributed prior to the first competition, and then should be stored with their hat for the rest of the season. (TIP: don’t keep wet gloves in the hat box, dry them out when you get home)

  • Show Shirt (TIP: wear a different shirt to practice and then change into show shirt when they put on their uniform)

  • Member should wear something to practice that they can wear under their uniform or bring something to change into before they get onto the bus (TIP: shorts & show shirt for warm days, UnderArmor or some type of long underwear - top & bottom - for cold days.)

  • For those with longer hair, bring bobby pins, hair ties, head bands or whatever you need to keep hair inside the hat

  • Food for Lunch & Dinner breaks (TIP: parents can send food with their members, or drop food off at the scheduled times)

  • NOTE: plumes will be distributed to members before each performance & collected right after the performance

Guard Members

  • Flag Bag with all flags and weapons correctly taped
  • Uniform in Garment bag
  • Windbreaker
  • Show Makeup
  • Guard Gloves and Shoes
  • Hair gels/sprays/ fasteners/accessories
  • Black socks
  • Show Shirt
  • Food for Lunch & Dinner breaks (TIP: parents can drop food off at the scheduled times)

We also recommend:

  • Any personal items they may want when they change into uniform (hair brush, deodorant which is strongly encouraged especially after a few hours of practice, etc.)
  • Water for practice
  • Money to buy food at the competition
  • Hand warmers/foot warmers for cold evenings

Be Their Biggest Fan...

Attending the competition events and watching our kids do what they love is amazing... here are a few tips to make it even better!

  • Seat Cushions
  • Stadium blankets, hand & foot warmers
  • Cow bells & shakers
  • Show your spirit by wearing a show shirt and/or band/guard sweatshirt/jacket!
  • We try to sit together at the 50 yard line. Bring blankets to save seats for other Newtown parents! New parents, if you see someone with a Newtown shirt/jacket on please introduce yourself, we are a very friendly bunch...

We also want to make you aware that tickets for USBand competitions are usually $10.00 for adults and $5.00 - $7.00 for children (depending on the show). NE States Championships, NE Regional Championships, and National Championships are more expensive events, and tickets can run anywhere from $15 - $27 per ticket. We will have discounted tickets to sell prior to these shows which usually offer a $2 - $3 dollar discount off the gate price.

Have a Question?

There's always an answer... Feel free to contact your parent buddy or any NHSBPC board member below:

  • Michele Buzzi, Acting President: 203-417-8948 (c)
  • D.J. Ledina, Vice President: 203-240-6966 (c)
  • Lisa Keeping, Treasurer: 203-417-7047 (c)
  • Joanie Minor, Recording Secretary: 203-536-2151 (c)
  • Pia Ledina, Corresponding Secretary: 203-313-4361 (c)