TX RoadTrip Coastal Plains

By June P, Varsha G, and Eddie V

TX Roadtrip route

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Total food money- $111.00

Hotel room- $0

Entrance fees- $152.60

Gallons of gas - 34.52 gallons

cost of gas- $131.18

Total miles- 962.9 miles


Day 1 - 9/15/14

We had to wake up at 8:00 AM to prepare our drive from Lewisville to Austin. We bring our Jerry can that has 5 extra gallons of gas. As we drive to Austin, we all see the rivers.We see the "Little" river as we pass by, and a little while later, we spot the Colorado River. When we reached Austin, we went straight to Lady Bird lake. We got our money out and paid the girl. It was 29 dollars for all of us to go kayaking. We rented a kayak for 3 hours using an online deal. We all thought that it was pretty fun. When we were kayaking, we noticed that the water was very pretty, It was a very pretty greenish clear color. After that, we headed out of the lake and returned our kayaks. We drove to Chick-fil-la to have lunch. It was 7 dollars for all of us. The meal there was good. After we finished our scrumptious meal we went hiking on Mt. Bonnell. On Mt. Bonnell, there was a staircase and a hike trail to the top of the mountain! When we reached the top we could see literally everything. We saw the Colorado River, and downtown Austin, which looked really nice. Then, we headed to Varsha’s family friend's house. We spent the night with them. Today we spent 93 dollars in total. Today was a really fun day!

Day 2 - 9/16/14

After eating breakfast at Varsha’s friend’s house, we left for San Antonio at 8:00 AM. It was a 1 and a half hour drive to the historic Alamo. We also crossed the Colorado river on our way. The admission was free, and we got to go on lots of tours. We took a picture of the Alamo and walked inside. Inside the Alamo was a museum, which held many historic objects. After spending 2 hours at the Alamo, we walked to the Riverwalk, which had a boat tour, shops, restaurants, things like that. It costed $24.75. After having lots of fun there, we went to Eddie's uncle's restaurant, which is called Metro Taco. We had lunch there and it was free for us. After that, we rested there for some time. He actually had beds there, 4 beds. Before we went to sleep, we went to Salsas Mexican Restaurant, because Eddie's uncle's restaurant doesn't serve dinner. The food there was ok. The meal cost 7 dollars for each of us. After that, we went to Metro Taco to sleep. Today was a great day! We got to see the Alamo, which was special for all of us.

Day 3- 9/17/14

At 8:00 AM, we left the Metro Taco, and drove to the nearest gas station. We have already used up 20 gallons! After that, we drove to Galveston, Houston. We decided to rest there, because the past 2 days were really busy. It was a 4 hour 30 minute drive! After the tiring drive, we decided to stay in our hotel, Red Roof inn. The room was free, because we were under the age of 17! So it was a really good deal. The best part of the hotel was that it was right behind the Galveston beach, so we could just walk for 3 minutes, and we'll be there! Anyway, since we got there at 12:00 in the noon, we decided to eat lunch at Olympia Grill, a European restaurant. It was $21, which was worth it, because the food there was AMAZING! After spending 30 minutes there, we went to the Galveston beach! The main reason we came to Galveston was to see the beach! We stayed there from 2:30 to 5:30 PM. In those 3 hours, we took the free Port Bolivar ferry ride and saw many dolphins! We did lots of other things, too! After having dinner at Olympia Grill, we went back to our hotel, and slept. It was such a relaxing day!

Day 4- 9/18/14

Today we decided to wake up at 9:00 AM for a change. After having the free, continental breakfast at the hotel, we decided to go to Aquarium Pyramid to see the ocean life at 10 AM. Even though it cost us $53.85, it was totally worth it, because it was a very informational and an entertaining trip. After staying in there for 3 hours, we ate lunch. For lunch, we ate chips and candy. At 1:30 PM, we went to the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum. We saw the offshore drilling equipment, and watched videos about it. It was $5 per person. We stayed there for 2 hours and came back to our hotel to pack our stuff. That took about 1 hour. It's already 4:30! Since we didn't want to waste any of our miles or money we decided to go to the nearby beach. We swam in the water, and had so much fun! Afterwards, we had sandwiches (a la carte) for dinner, and went to bed!

Day 5- 9/19/14

Well! It's time to go back home! Home, sweet home.. After having the complimentary breakfast, we checked out of our hotel,at 11 AM. We asked our driver how long it would be if we are driving from Galveston to Lewisville. He said 4 hours 50 minutes, which is 313 miles if we are driving non-stop. Of course we are driving non-stop! On our way, we ate chips and candy, so we won't starve. We reached Lewisville at about 2:00 PM. Boy, were we tired! Even if we were tired, we learned so much about our state in 5 days!

Travel Journal: American Indians

After our first stop at Lady Bird Lake in Austin, we left for Mt. Bonnell for hiking. We started our hike after eating lunch. We had our lunch at one of the four picnic tables. In the table next to us, there was a group of Native Americans. They looked like nice people, and were having beef! Beef jerky, and beef roast! It smelled really good, so we all were looking at their delicious lunch. On our picnic table, we just had chips and candy. By now, they started noticing what we had. So they offered us some of their food! That was nice of them.

We started talking to them, and they said that they belong to the Tonkawa tribe. Eddie asked them, “ Why are you only eating beef? Why aren’t you eating candy and stuff?” The Tonkawan woman, Aiyana said, “ My tribe- the Tonkawa, were bison hunters. We are mainly known for that. So, since my family only comes to my hometown once a year, why not eat beef for lunch and dinner to honor my ancestors?” “Oh. That’s cool.” Eddie said. After that, Aiyana told us all about her people.

She told us that her tribe was an independent tribe, and at first, they lived on the Edwards Plateau west of present day Austin and San Antonio. Sadly, in the 1600s and 1700s, the Apaches and Comanches moved into the Tonkawas’ lands, so they were forced to live in other Native Americans’ areas. Even though the Tonkawas were really nice people, a lot of tribes fought with them. Tonkawas’ main source was buffalo, and once they got horses, they tried to go to the plains, because there were more buffalo there. The Apaches and Comanches prevented that… Instead the Tonkawas were pushed east, where there were fewer buffalo. We learned a lot about Tonkawa tribe from that brief conversation!

Travel Journal: Europeans

When we were in Galveston, we went to a restaurant, it was a European restaurant. We went to Olympia Grill. It was pretty nice! We ate some seafood there. After we ate, we went back to our hotel. The hotel is called Red Roof Inn. It is actually pretty nice. So after we went there, we went to the beach.

There is a beach that is actually pretty nice. When it got around 7, the sky started to look really nice. Galveston is a really pretty place. The beaches are really nice too! I hope I can see a sky as beautiful as this. Today, here in Galveston, was a wonderful day.

Travel Journal: Historic landmark

Wow, today we learned so much! After we left Austin, we went to San Antonio to see the Alamo. It was a 1 hour 20 minutes drive, so we got there pretty early. The admission was free, but the tours cost $10. We went anyway, because we wanted to learn about the history of Texas. When we got there, our guide, Charlotte, first led us to the Spanish Alamo church, which is also called the Alamo shrine.

This church was meant to be the main church for the Spanish mission, but it was never finished. Then, she told us the story of the Alamo. During the war of independence for Texas, the Mexicans captured the Alamo. The thing was, the Mexicans came in large numbers, with General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna as their leader, and there were only 200 people in the Alamo! When the Mexicans came, they said, “Anyone who crosses this line, will have to fight us!”

And guess what? All 200 Texans in the Alamo crossed the line and decided to fight the Mexicans for their state. Our fellow Texans fought the Mexicans for 13 days, but was sadly defeated, and the Texans died on March 6, 1836. One of the main Texans who fought were Davy Crockett, William B. Travis, and James Bowie. A few weeks later, though, Sam Houston defeated General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at a war in San Jacinto on April 21, 1836, gaining independence for Texas. Texas became an independent republic on December 29, 1845, and also became a state of the USA!

Travel Journal: Rivers

When we were going from Lewisville to Austin, we passed the Brazos River. We even passed Bull Hide Creek, North High Bayou, South High Bayou, Big Elm Creek, Leon River, Lampasas River, Berry Creek San Gabiel River, Brushy River, Lake Creek. We passed a LOT of rivers. When we went from Austin to San Antonio we passes the Colorado River, San Marcos river, Lake Dunlap. That is all we crossed on the 2nd day. When we went from San Antonio to Galveston, we passed the Brazos River again. We stayed in Galveston for 2 day so in the 5 day, we came back to Lewisville we passed the Trinity river, Bear Creek, Pin Oak Creek, South Bedias Creek. And that was all the Rivers that we crossed in out Roadtrip.

Travel Journal: Natural Landmark

Our first landmark is in Austin Texas in the Lady Bird Lake. Named by the 1960 construction of the longhorn dam. The lake contains many activities such as festivals, kayaking, sightseeing and more. Being able to fish with a license there's a variety of fish of catfish, sea fish, and much more. We went kayaking for the day as we rented 3 of them for almost all day. We enjoyed the beauty and scenery of Lady bird Lake.

Mt Bonnell:

A place to sightsee more than a tourist attraction. Providing more of short trails leading to many places such as the south side of Lake Austin, the top point of Mt Bonnell, it was crowded as we arrived at the tip point. Named after George Bonnell who served as a Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the Republic of Texas, he moved to Austin in 1839. We read that the Covert Park was named in honor of the person who provided the land. Natural Sceneries and man made or natural trails made to lead to what may come. we enjoyed the trail up to the peak we say the south side of Lake Austin.

The Alamo

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Olympia Grill in Galveston

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Beach in Galveston

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Aquarium Pyramid

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Article for Coastal Plains

The Coastal Plains is one of the best 4 regions. Everything is in this region! The capital is here, the Alamo, and so many other things! The places I really liked to visit were Austin and San Antonio. In Austin, we saw 2 natural landmarks. We saw Lady Bird Lake, and Mt. Bonnell. Lady Bird Lake was where we went kayaking. We also found out that Lady Bird Lake was named after the former first woman, Lady Bird Johnson, who called central Texas home. Lady Bird Lake was originally named Town Lake, because it was in the heart of Austin. Mt. Bonnell was really cool, because we got to hike to the top of the mountain. At the top, we could see downtown Austin, and the Colorado river, which looked really nice. Another cool thing was that on the mountain, you can go to the top using the stairs, or actually hike up the trail! We went up the trail, because going up the trail takes less time. I really liked San Antonio because we got to see a really famous historical landmark; the Alamo. When we went there, the admission was free, but to see the tours were $10 per person. The tour was very impressive; it was very factual. In Galveston, the main thing we did was go to the Galveston beach. It is very beautiful there. We had a wonderful time in the Coastal Plains. You should come here one day and enjoy the places!

Mt. Bonnell

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Lady Bird Lake

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