Mountain Pygmy Owl

By Jake Kerdeman and Miranda Baum

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summary of chaper 5 pages 35-36

On pages 35 and 36 in "The Book of North American Owls" tells about how owls get killed by humans, car accidents, and poisons. First is how young owls have been dying. About 50% die in their first year of life. A few young get taken away by predators but most die from lack of food. If there is a lack of food the young owls are the first to suffer, since adult owls can defend their territories and move to were there is a lot of food. Next is the factors that effect an owls age. A owl that lives in a zoo and is well feed an protected can live to be fifty to sixty years old. On the other hand a large owl living in the wilderness with a good supply of food might live to be thirty years old. Now are the the ways owls have died and are dying. Nintey seven percent. of dead adult owls were killed by humans either trapping the owls and shooting them. Also 45 owls were hit by automobiles in a 24 hour period in Idaho. Some owls were even electrocuted by power lines. One of the main reasons owls are dying from is eating Dieldrin or DDT. Once the owl has eaten DDT it makes their eggs shells soft, so it is very easy for the shells to break. Clear cutting of forests has also endangered many species. This was what pages 35-36 of The Book of North American Owls was about.


Humans- relating to, being, or charateristic Adjective

Poisons- a substance that though its chemical reation Noun

Predators- a predatory person or animal Noun

Suffer- to undergo something painful or unpleasent Verb

Defend- to guard from harm Verb

Territories- the land and waters under the jurisdiction of a ruler Noun

Wilderness- an uncultivated region Noun

Trapping- to catch an animal with a device that shuts tightly when stepped on Verb

Shooting- to wound, kill, or damage with a missile discharge froma weapon Verb

Electrocuted- to kill by electricity Verb

Dieldrin- poisonous solid used as an insecticide, manufacture and use as been discountined in the USA Noun

DDT- water-insoluble solid used as an insecticide, and dand from use Noun

Clear Cutting- section of forest were all trees have been cut down Adjective

Endangered- threatend with extinction Adjective

Species- individuals having some common qualities Noun

Summary of chapter 5 pages 37-38

On pages 37-38 in The Book Of North American Owls by helen Roney Settler describes how owls are protected and people are making owl houses for owls.humans stupidity is affecting the owls and are killing them left and right.People are know testing owls their safety and health.The People are
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A diagram of where the Mountain Pygmy lives in North America

The Owl lives in the western part of the United States. The red mark is showing exactly where the Mountain Pygmy owl lives.