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Week of November 11th Curriculum Updates

Conferences- Just a friendly reminder that conferences begin next week for some families. Please refer to the sign up genius site if you need to check your time. I appreciate your time, as well as that of all of the families involved, so being on time will be imperative. Thank you for your cooperation in creating the best schedule for all. I look forward to meeting with you and celebrating your child's achievements!

Report Cards- Report cards are going home on Monday! Since this is your student’s first time with letter grades, I wanted to remind you what the letter grades represent. To follow is a breakdown and a connection to the +, S and – minus from second grade. Last year an S was given for high and low satisfactory work. In third grade, it is differentiated with a B and C.

A + in second grade is an A in third grade. A= 90%- 100%.

A S in second grade is a B in third grade. B= 80%- 89%.

A S in second grade can also be a C in third grade. C= 79%- 70%

A - in second grade would be a D in third grade. D= 69%- 60%

Satisfactory in second grade is proficient. In third grade a B and a C are proficient grades.

Please return the signed report card envelope on Tuesday.

Reading: We are beginning our new unit, Science at Play next week! We will be focusing on the role science plays in sports, how science creates new ways to have fun, how science helps us understand the natural world, and how we can explore science behind fun activities. We will read the realistic fiction story, Owl Moon, a wonderful picture book showing the bond of a father and daughter going owling for the first time on a cold winter's night. We will be focusing on text organization and summarizing passages with many non-fiction articles.

Please remember to check and sign your child reading records each Thursday night and have meaningful discussions with them about their book!

7 Habits of Happy Kids: Next week we will continue habit 6, Synergize. This habit means that together we are better. We all have different strengths and using them when in a group is critical to everyone’s success. The following are the key points for that I will teach about this habit:

· I value other people’s strengths and learn from them.

· I get along well with others, even people who are different than me.

· I seek out other people’s ideas to solve problems because I know that by teaming with others we can create better solutions than any of us can alone.

· I am humble.

· I work well in groups.

Grit Power Points- The students are working hard on creating power point presentations that teach key ideas about being a gritty student. Some students have taken their flash drives home to work on them. That is a decision that your child is making.

Science- We are continuing to learn about each planet and what makes each unique. Each student is researching a planet with the end product being a power point. In class we will add additional information to their power points and then present them to our class. You will see this work when your child brings their flash drive home at the end of the unit.

Math: Our Unit 3 math test is Wednesday! Unit 3 provided us with an understanding of how to accurately measure a line segment to the nearest ½ and ¼ inch and nearest ½ of a centimeter. We also explored the concepts of perimeter and area. Up next…Multiplication! In your child’s homework folder, there is a multiplication packet. Each day we are working with a sheet. You will see many more multiplication activities coming home over the next few weeks. Please make an effort to practice facts with your child each night; it really helps them learn their multiplication facts! There are so many great apps to support multiplication facts.

Welcome Auggie We have a class pet! Yesterday a little box was delivered to our classroom from Bone and Squirrel. (main characters from the books, A Dog’s Life and Everything for a Dog) They sent us a puppy (stuffed) to love and care for. Auggie made 23 friends instantly!

Each Friday he will go home with a child and remain at home for the whole week, to be returned the following Friday. When you child brings Auggie home, they can do many things with him. I would like your child to take our pet along with him/her on after school activities, sports events, do homework together, watch his/her favorite TV show, play with siblings, or go on family adventures.

Be sure to have your child read a picture book or a chapter of their book to our pet at least one night. Before returning the pet and journal, your child needs to write about his/her time with their class pet and draw a picture. Fun, fun, fun!

Quote of the week!

Ask Me!

Below are a few questions to ask your child about their week.

1. What did you need to decide in the Forever Home activity?

2. Who is Auggie?

3. Why do we celebrate Veteran's Day? Why is this day important?

4. What do you know about Ivan, the gorilla?

5. What is one thing that makes Mercury unique?

6. Who is Wilma Rudolph and how was she gritty?

This is Auggie!

Weekly Reminders and Updates

Important Dates:

11/18- Report Cards go home!

The One and Only Ivan

Have you heard? We are reading the story The One and Only Ivan. This story is one of friendship, love and hope. It is a fiction story based on a real gorilla, Ivan who lived in captivity. I am excited to share this wonderful and heartwarming story with your children. Please enjoy this short clip. It will give you a small insight into what the story is about. Enjoy!
The One and Only Ivan - Official Book Trailer